Monday, January 26, 2009

Only tradition on these few days

I had not and I am not going to have any trekking activities these few busy days. We had new year eve dinner with my parents at my brother's place yesterday. This, actually a re-union dinner, is a grand dinner for us, during which everybody comes back from where they are.

This is what we call Family.

I shall bring my kids to visit our relatives from house to house on today, the first day of the new year. This is part of our new year culture. Red packets with some money inside will be given to the kids symbolise older by one year, grow wiser, more discipline and healthier for the coming year.

Me and my wife insist to go through all these together with the kids. This is the only way to pass on our tradition to the next and next generation. Culture and tradition shall not be challenged against scientific arguments. They are belonged to the inner part that guide us along our journey so as we will still know who we are while facing waves of modernization.

I will travel 140km to north for Kangar, the capital city of Perlis State on the second day. Kangar is my wife's hometown where her parents are staying right now.

My trekking will be resumed then. More interesting stories will be shared later, I promised.

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Ratty said...

Your holidays are interesting too. We don't have most of them here.