Friday, January 23, 2009


I do not have the opportunity to witness any trees or flowers in snowy winter. It should be, besides a lot of fun, a great experience to stand beside and praise them for their persistence to live proudly and strongly. And they will jokingly shake off the snow from their body to my face. There are always happiness if we would like to explore, only if we make friend with trees.

Though I am naive about winter, I know that trees at 4095m above sea level where temperature is about 8 degree C are my good friends. They are as brave as their friends in freezing winter.

When I was struggling my way up to the peak, they cheered me up. They set the example to me. If they could make it, why couldn't me? They might be small, but they were mighty. They did not live luxuriously, they did not eat or drink much.

I learnt mumbling from them. They did not sing loudly over a cold wind. I had to stop and listen carefully. They were so humble as such hikers might not have aware of them.

The rope which you see in the picture was to ensure we did not skid on the slippery rocky mountain, off course, the rule was we must not think we were as good as the trees without the help of rope. Man is not always the greatest.

If you hide the small trees with your hand, the whole picture turns gloomy immediately. I mean, our world becomes colourful just because of their existence.

To further enhance the colour, the blossoms smiled to me so brightly in the morning light. It was 7:00 am by then. They woke up early to welcome friends from all over the world, to provide as much oxygen as possible to us who needed to stop after every few steps for the next breath.

Trees are kind.


Ratty said...

Trees are definitely our friends. They protect us from the bad weather. They show us the way up a mountain. And they give us some of the beauty of nature.

rainfield61 said...

Ratty, I totally align with you.
Cannot imagine if one day we'll live without any trees.