Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Small Wonders

Morning Glory can be easily found on the Kerachut Beach. When its pinkish colour is in contrast to whitish sandy beach, it looks very charming and outstanding, though normally it looks very ordinary.

I tried to take a distant shot at a little crab. It never moved. I moved my camera nearer, almost two feet from it, the crab seemed to be not so alert as usual. I moved another foot nearer, it stared at my lens suspiciously, put its legs half into the hole, finally decided not to be deterred by me.

It should be thinking what was the fun taking its picture, there were so much more interesting creatures around. Yes, Mr Little Crab, I would go to them next.

I found this little insect in the bushes. I did not think it was a cicada. I tried to have a close-up snap, but it rejected and flew away. It flew in the sky that I could not manage to follow.

There are a lot of wonders around. Be it a small wonder, it do bring joyfulness.


Ratty said...

I really like the picture of the crab very much. It looks so small, and the colors match it's surroundings. It must have been very hard to see it.

rainfield61 said...

Ratty, there is a trick to locate the little crab. Unless it stays stationary, otherwise, since it moves very fast, I just try to focus on any moving image.

It is very fun to chase after this animals.

subrayoga said...

It is even more fun to see a "young man" like the author chasing these (small) animals. I wonder what it would be if there is a crocodile instead of the mini crab......!

rainfield61 said...

Subra, "young man" will do all the crazy things in his family gathering.

Otherwise, we shall miss this moment when the kids grow up.

•°°• IcyBC •°°• said...

This is beautiful flower and color!

When I was younger, I love watching those little craps on the beach..It's one of my favorite things!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!