Friday, December 19, 2008

In Search of Light

MyJourney started when I was driving back home. It was drizzling that late evening.

I did not like to use my wipers at this moment, mainly because of old wipers kept lines of water mark on the windscreen, and I did not like the wiping sound as well. Thirdly, I was almost home.
When I stopped before a traffic light, I made a few fast shots pointing close to my windscreen before the traffic light turned green again.
I want to know how different is the view with my naked eyes and that through a camera.

I observed water bubbles on my windscreen had absorbed the colour of street lights as well as those from surrounding. They had evolved into hundreds eyes of light, stared at me. This was only made noticeable through the interface of a camera.

And then, very soon, I reached my home sweet home. Anyhow, you know, once started, it was difficult to stop.

I continued to snap at the lamps inside my house.

I snapped at the warm white hanging lamps trying to assimilate to my friend Mickey.
Though it was not much a success, the photo of the lamps still exhibited the beauty of geometrical shapes.
But the excitement of the night came later when I turned myself to the cool white incandescent bulb.

And this was what I saw.

A face that hid inside the lampshade.
Was the bulb designer aware of what he had done?
Was he merely as normally as us, lost the eyes of a kid?
Did he intentionally hide the face code for us to explore?
Instead of drawing a face full of unknown, why did he not fill our eye sight with a smiling happy face?

Yes, too many questions are in the air.


Ratty said...

Great idea to take pictures of the things you did. That last one appears to be looking back at you.

rainfield61 said...

Ha Ha ha, somehow somewhere someone will always be looking at you or me. Silently.

roentarre said...

You have a perspicaciious eye and mind to everything in life

rainfield61 said...

Roentarre, welcome. Positively, we call it perspicacious. On the other end, we say it insane. Ha Ha! This was the comment from my son.

•°°• IcyBC •°°• said...

Fantastic shots of the light..Love Mickey Mouse one :-)