Monday, December 29, 2008

Pantai Kerachut (Kerachut Beach)

Pantai Kerachut (Kerachut Beach) is so far the most beautiful beach I have visited in Penang. You may not need any special skill or assistance of high end camera for a good photography. Of course, the pictures you are looking at are the evidences.

Kerachut Beach view is a reward in return after a long jungle trekking trail. Anyhow, explore to the nature had not ended. I climbed up a rocky hillside on the right of the beach, hoping to discover something that worth to share with you. If you like, this is the one I meant:

It was low tide at the moment. You can see from the picture, a black line of fallen leaves in front of my tent marked the level of high tide. During low tide, sea water travelled to other places of interest for sweet memories and came back during high tide, telling us stories after stories. And now is my turn to translate all these to you.

People rarely walks to here. Although rented boat is another way, but it is not so common. This is the reason why Kerachut Beach still remains in its natural unspoiled look.

The stream made a curve, flowed slowly and quietly into the sea. During rising tide, sea water will then pay a visit in return. Day in and out, months and years. They chatted and they laughed. They signed their names on the rock in white colour.

But, does mankind understand the environment? Over development and uncontrolled land reclamation will soon turn the beach another way round. The environment talks, the stream talks and the sea talks. We also talk. We never listen.

The sea talked and the sea waved its arm. This is the polite way of communication. But years back before Christmas, the sea talked in the language of Tsunami. This was a confrontation and a very bad experience.

Too much into heavy stuff. To continue in next post.


Rick (Ratty) said...

These are great photos! I wish I could find something like this at the end of one of my trails. It looks like a great reward for going the whole distance.

rainfield61 said...

Ratty,it is the duty of an explorer to discover beautiful places and share with you all. The reward is to get encouraging feedback as well.

lechua said...

hi there.. interesting blog u have here reminding us of mother nature :)

Changli said...

the place is so beautiful...would like to go next time...

•°°• IcyBC •°°• said...

What a beautiful place, a beautiful beach! I like your heavy thought! It seems to me that you can understand the sea.