Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Neighbourhood, My Kampong

I always ask myself when I have reached home from work, "Anything happened along my way home?" Most of the times I cannot recall. We see but actually we have never seen. The driving and the journey is so routine. The instinct is there to guide us as when to avoid a bump and where to escape from a unattended pit hole.

We have lost the heart and eyes of a little kid.

Why not experiment it with a simple mind on my neighbourhood? I asked myself one evening.

My house is nearby a small village, or a "kampong". It rained earlier and should be around 28 degree C. Such a good weather!

So, rode on my bicycle, ready with my camera, my next journey started.

There are coconut trees everywhere in my country or in my kampong. Coconut will fall down from the tree once it is ripen. But if we want to drink fresh and sweet coconut water, someone has to climb up the tree which is normally 30m tall to pluck the green and young coconut. Not to be surprise if I tell you that monkeys are used in some places. They are trained to have the ability to differentiate between young and old coconut.

If you follow my blog regularly, I have mentioned that I go mountain climbing weekly. And it was only an arm length from me by now. If you cannot figure it out, Alice will tell you to look at the reflection in the water.

I was beside a paddy field which I should have told you. But harvest season was over. We were not able to see the whole paddy field being coloured into golden colour.

But the farmer had left some stalk of paddies for me to show you. I had to thank him when I'll meet him later. He was seen busy at work at the far side. I should not disturb him right now.

Yes, right now, this is the finding from my journey: I shall be able to find wonder in my neighbourhood as long as I do not refuse to see.

If there is high cost for outstation travel, your neighbourhood always welcomes you to explore her beauty, it is simply free of charge.


Bornean Rose said...

Your "kampong" is just like my "kampong" but the difference is, our paddy field is at the swampy area where the place can be described as estuary area where the ocean tides and river water merge. No mountain or hill ridges just like in your photos. But we still plant the same plants..the paddy..:)

Heather Dugan Creative / Footsteps said...

Charming post! I'd love to see more blog writers share their neighborhood like you have here.


Very beautiful.

WiseAcre said...

It's always nice to take a minute to see what otherwise is missed when your surroundings are taken for granted.

•°°• IcyBC •°°• said...

I remembered drinking fresh coconut juice from the ones that people chopped down..