Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Such a wonderful start of a new day

I love the feeling for morning sunlight passing through twigs and leaves, especially when it is misty. I can see traces of sunlight in the shape similar to a cone. It is indeed very appealing.

I always imagine this is the path our protector lands on earth.

That Saturday morning, during my mountain trekking, I thought I have captured a weak rainbow across the sunlight in my photo during preview . It happened to be not true later.

Yet, this was the first time I managed to snap a photo on morning sunlight. And it was well exposed. The reason might be due to the heavy rain at dawn. The resulted heavy mist filtered the sunlight to become softer and gentler.

In addition, I was at the right place and in the right time to witness it.

It was so good to be shined and bathed by this sunlight for the new start of a day.

Such a wonderful day.


Ratty said...

Great photo. Your story makes it even better. The sunlight coming through the trees adds so much depth. I always wanted to get some photos early in the morning, but I haven't done it yet.

Rose Ragai said...

Nice one. I always hope i still can feel and witnessed it again especially in the forest. That's why i really miss the feeling inside the forest now. Thanks for sharing your experienced.

•°°• IcyBC •°°• said...

Your jungle looks so thick for the sun to come through, but yes, you did find the light finally :)