Sunday, December 7, 2008

Vertically up

I had a dream last night.
Alice told me to change my point of view and to look at thing in a different angle.
So, I decided to look at things differently. I saw my world vertically up.

Before I start, let me clarify myself.
You know it is Sunday today.
I should be very free to sit in front of my notebook, spending the whole day reading and writing, of course, drinking Chinese tea as well.
But, since I needed to lie down, bent my neck, squeezed and sticked my body to the walls, it was hard for me to adjust myself towards my notebook.
That's why, only by now, I am writing.

When I was on my weekly hiking trail, there was not much surprise.

The ascending trail always guides me to look somehow vertically up.

I can easily identify which trees are busy at mingling with others.

The relationship between them looks very complicated and messy.

I saw a tree which we call "pokok Asam" (pokok is in local language, it means tree) .

Even though with broken arms and shedding skins, it continues to grow taller and tougher.

It must be able to provide me with a big enough shed at the time I asked for it.

Yes, this is what friends are for.

When I was back home, my vertically up type of world continued.
My papaya tree was not as usual as it used to be.
It made me lying down on the floor in order to appreciate it fully.

Its leaves grow so thick. I was almost not able to see the sky.

I have almost forgotten the reason why my kitchen is not hot during daylight. Everything seems to come natarul to me.

Only thing I am sure is that a few papayas have made themselves ready for me.

The view from the bottom, how can I phrase it......can I say sexy?
Then came the difficult time.
I had to squeezed myself underneath my pot of bonsai.
And I managed to, finally.

Bonsai is a small plant, a small creature.
When I went for macro view, it seemed to be so gigantic.

Remembered what I had said before? Illusion, life is full of illusion.
We could be fooled by our eyes, although they supposed to be our closest comrade.

And the story continued.

I sticked myself almost flat onto the walls in order to understand their world.

To my relief, they were breathing in the blue blue sky.
They were heard talking to my lamp,

"Boy, thumbs up. We are still able to have a piece of clean land with blue sky.

Man must continue to save the Earth."

This come to the end of my one day long vertically up journey and experience.

Yet, my mind has not back to sea level.

When I shall return to work, can I tell my MD to have mind-set change? Think out of box. Look at thing differently. Start to see vertically up. Or, more technically, to practice bottom-up rather than top-down.

Will he? Alice should know.


Footsteps said...

Great post! Adjusting our own perspective always seems to allow for more interesting possibilities. I especially like your last architectural photo!

rainfield61 said...

I have taken many, only this one shows the sky significantly. Thanks for your comment.

Ratty said...

I like the photos of the trees. I have never seen a papaya tree before. I think I might try thinking vertically up too, it sounds like fun.