Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I heard a tree talking to me

I heard a tree talking to me. It might sound ridiculous, but it was awesome to me.

Last Sunday, I had my mountain trekking alone. Usually, I went together with my wife. There was nothing extraordinary. I followed my routine trekking trail; most climbers still prefer not to use jungle trek, but crowded themselves on the easier tar road. On the other hand, my jungle trek was crowded by all the big and small trees with broad leaves. That formed a continuous canopy and limited the penetration of sunlight.

There was not much adventurous for me to hike this little mountain, unless I was brave enough not to follow the trekking trail. No one would do this as there were cases people got lost inside the jungle. But then, it still depended on how I perceived and explored the surrounding; Tiny as a mushroom or giant as an old tree could always bring wonder, as long as I had the desire and enthusiasm.

I was busy at shooting photo by then, suddenly the giant tree started to talk to me. I first thought I should have asked for permission before snapping the photo. We must respect others before we can gain respect from others.

Actually I did not understand what it said. It sounded like “iak iak iak….” for a few seconds. It never happened before.

Out in the quite and obscure jungle with no other around, without thinking much, I quickly turned around and ran away. Yes, ran away. It was not so good an experience to have heard the tree talking, though I should apologize before I leave. This must be done on my next mountain trekking.

You should know, every tree has its own spirit, this is what Chinese believes. And the spirit gets stronger and more powerful once the tree grows older.
It is also believed that no name should be called in the forest, or else the spirits will imitate and finally lead you to an unknown world in the forest.

I do not know what is Alice’s story. There are more stories from the Wonderland. Alice can even imagine that the tree was actually singing "Jingle Bells" and wishing me "Merry Christmas" in its language.


Ratty said...

Great story. If I heard a tree talking, I might run away too. Alice might ask it what it wants.

rainfield61 said...

Ratty, adult has too many bad experiences than Alice. Alice will always render her help if it is required. But, adult choose to run away.

Unknown said...

I heard that chines quotation when I was attending a trekking but there I feel "Ya Its True". If I was there I will never go back to that forest.

•°°• IcyBC •°°• said...

I believe this is where the NOW Rainfield received the spirit and wisdom!