Saturday, May 2, 2009

In My Garden

My wife was busy clearing the garden. My garden, though not big, is full of plants. Full always equals to a mess. Clearing was necessary in order to make the garden presentable, at least to ourselves. I was busy as well, busy at taking pictures. Actually I was inspired earlier by an article on snapshots of insects, they were great. That's why I started to hunt around in my garden for something. These "something" were nothing in my mind at first, I did not know what I could get.

The exploration started from plant to plant, from distant watch at the corner of my eyes to closer look from top to bottom. The effort finally paid off at the end. These "something" stimulated me so much, I re-visited my garden again this morning. I am going to tell you bit by bit from now on as too much excitement is not good for health.

The first wonder was on my longan plant. It hid under a piece of leaf and was well covered by others. It was a mini honeycomb. These bees had never paid any attention to my presence and the flash. And I had forgotten that bees might sting, luckily not these.

The next day, or to be precise, this morning visit had confirmed they were still there. Heavy rain had not ruined or wetted the structure. The architecture and design were simply great.

Looking closer I could see there were membrane with opening at the entrance of the cells. Further research confirmed that the bees seal the cells with wax when they are filled with honey.

The eyes of bees were black and big. They had not stared at me while concentrating on their work. Their bodies were slim to be envied by many.

To stay with them for half an hour confused me a little. I saw them moving here and there, there and here. I did not understand what value-added they had done. I am not a bee, they might not be busy for nothing.

Anyhow, they created my first wonder of the day.


Ratty said...

A very interesting look at these bees. I can see why you stayed with them for so long. Our weather is beginning to become the same now. We have rain a lot right now. I still don't see many insects yet.

betchai said...

that is very interesting, i don't think i have ever come close to a honeycomb, i especially like the 2nd picture, i thought at first it is some kind of strange flower, with the wax as some raindrop, only when i read i found out i was wrong :(

Mike said...

Rainfield great shots and an interesting discovery. Now I will have to start looking under the leaves on the big plants a little closer!

roentarre said...

Quite incredible images. Got macro lenses to get close to them?

I love insects a lot.

Icy BC said...

Great discovery Rainfield..and those photos are just incredibly fascinating!!!

rainfield61 said...

Ratty: I did not expect to see this at the beginning. Then I spent a long time to have some good pictures. Enjoyed!!!

betchai: Your description is as interesting as the post.

Mike: Looking forward to see the hidden treasure from you. It must be wonderful as nobody will know what will turn out.

roentarre: I do not have good macro lenses, instead I crop the pictures for macro views.

Icy BC: I also feel so fascinating once discovered the honeycome, and double fascinating once the macro views look motivating.

The Retired One said...

you are WAY more brave than I am. I wouldn't be brave enough to get close enough for a photo of them...but it is very interesting!

The Retirement Chronicles

Tes said...

Diligent workers, those creepy crawlers!