Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dull and Dim

I shall be locked in prison for these two days, Saturday and Sunday. I was sentenced to work.

It was day one today with a rainy morning. I had a look at foggy Cerok Tokun from my window. This is my habit and daily routine. We are so close to each other to the manner that I can close my eyes and count my steps for a turn and sense the surrounding for a landmark.

I did an "imaginary hike" before I surrendered myself to the authority.

I managed to take some pictures virtually but I am using this only one. And you must understand, though I love my work and I always love my work, to be in jail during these beautiful days is a bit gloomy.

The picture needs no explanation but it tells a thousand words. I shall let your imagination runs, runs, runs, and stops. Do you feel like I feel?

Before I ended the virtual trip, I decided to put up another. The usual clear and blue sky was missing, it was cloudy instead, the car park was dull and dim, no playful monkeys and less noisy people around. I spotted some charming red flowers enlightening my way to the prison. It sounded very odd then, yet I have to be happy no matter how, it is the prison that provides me and my family with a living.

A very happy weekend to you.


Icy BC said...

Have a good weekend, Rainfield, no matter what!

Kirigalpoththa said...

Its gloomy here too! The morning was bright and sunny but rain started to fall again!

Ratty said...

I completely understand how you feel. It has been rainy here all week, but I've been hiding most of it. At least you are not trapped on a sunny day. Rainy days are the best times to have to work.

mike said...

I fear the monsoon is upon us as even here on the Gulf of Thailand the rain and grey skies persist.

So I am trapped in a different way, confined to observing nature from my veranda however most sensible creatures are taking shelter too.

betchai said...

i understand what you feel, we have been gloomy here all week, but it is not really about that, but also, i have been so busy with my work assignments that i have not enjoyed much the life out of the doors the past week :( i am looking forward for my summer break where i can enjoy fully nature again. have a good weekend.

Mei Teng said...

How come you have to work this Sat and Sun? Most companies operate a 5day week but sadly mine's not one of them. I work half day Saturdays.

roentarre said...

I feel imprisoned working as well.
There is no sun light and there is no life

I like your image of silouette

rainfield61 said...

Icy BC:+> Anyhow, these 2 days were over. Waiting ahead is Monday again.

Kirigalpoththa:+> Seems like it rains everywhere. Sooooooo gloomy.

Ratty:+> It won't be gloomy if I am able to have my hike. Rainy Cerok Tokun is so peaceful.

Mike:+> The weather is unpredictable. It was hot and very hot, then came the sudden rainfall.

rainfield61 said...

betchai:+> It sounds great to have a summer break.

Mei Teng:+> I work on alternate Saturday. This Sunday is slightly different, we need to do inventory count.

roentarre:+> But it is this place that provides us a living. Sigh....

Heather Dugan (Footsteps) said...

I'm grateful for the shelter of my home -but being outdoors is almost always "best". I hope you're enjoying some good jungle hikes this week!