Monday, May 4, 2009

in My Garden #3

Rain had kept me wandering around in my garden for the whole weekend. This was its power, and I had no right to object.

My only right was to be with the cyberspace at which I discovered myself as a dummy instead. I read and I confirmed, there are basically two common types of lime trees. I had the first one before which grew thorns on the bushes. I am having the second one now, but without knowledge and awareness that they are without thorns.

The chrysalis had then helped to enlighten me.

The white flowers are noticeably small when compared to raindrops. But we will be fooled later when the fruits grow, they are extremely sour. Size does not always reflect the characteristic of a fruit well.

The flowers never look much outstanding like you and me, otherwise they are now Durian and we are President or Prime Minister of our own countries.

They looked ugly without petals. Really, go look at the naked you in the bathroom mirror and you will agree with me.

By the way no matter how I have described it, lime is valued both for the acidity of its juice and quantities of Vitamin C it contains. It is a very common ingredient in Thai dishes. I especially like to have a glass of lime juice with ice in the hot day.


Ratty said...

I really like your look at lime trees. I never used to put things like lime or lemon on food, but when I finally did, I discovered a great improvement in the taste.

Mei Teng said...

Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment. Somtimes gems can be found right within our gardens...:)

I climbed Mt KK but didn't reach the summit due to bad weather. Don't think I wanna give it a go again. But travelling to East Msia again..yes!

Superman said...

I agree with Mei Teng. Gems can be found everywhere even in your own garden. Only thing is that you have to look for it carefully as not to miss it. sometime we just missed so much good things in life without realizing it.

Icy BC said...

I love those raindrops in your photos. So far, your garden has given us many stories and pictures already! Keep them coming...

The Retired One said...

I LOVE the one photo of the raindrops on the flower buds. Just gorgeous!

betchai said...

I love rain, and raindrops on leaves, flowers and fruits. That said, I love your pictures. We also love to put a lot of lime in our foods, and I love a cool lime juice too.

roentarre said...

Beautiful dew and macro images

I am struggling to find anything green to photograph over this end of earth

rainfield61 said...

Ratty: Lime is an "eye opener" when the juice touches our taste buds.

Mei Teng: Yes, wonder can be at anywhere in our neighbourhood.

Superman: Nice to see Superman visiting my blog.
We need to pay attention to our surrounding and the one close to us, we must realise all these.

Icy BC: I shall stop for a while in order not to bore others. Anyhow I heard my son telling some stories about the nature in my garden that worth to note.

The Retired One: Congratulation on your 105-Followers.
I am still reading and learning to improve my apprenticeship on photography.

betchai: We are nature lovers, this means we love each other's picture and writing. Am I right?

roentarre: Have to follow your blog more in order to know more about that end of earth.

wiseacre said...

Nice shots. I like the raindrop on the flower. I always enjoy seeing small flowers close up - thank goodness for cameras.

I hope someday you get a better internet connection so you can post larger pics.