Saturday, May 16, 2009


I should have taken you to visit Cerok Tokun and had some close-up of fern much earlier, but I hesitated. I thought those were okay yet I turned down at the final minute. I had reconfirmed my feeling after numerous shots from a few trips. And now I am ready.

I have been reading that ferns are very graceful and lush and invoke an image of coolness, calmness and peacefulness. I took these pictures after a raining morning, hopefully you can get the feeling by then.

This humble bowing young frond was unrolling, in not a question mark look, as all the doubts have been cleared by the droplets found in the lush bokeh.

This fern that showed an ET look having a finger on the mouth asking for some silence from me, especially in this peaceful morning. It must be a baby ET.

I was seeing a monkey clinging from one branch to another in the last picture. What a funny green monkey.

The hiking trail is about 3km long, these lush ferns line up all the way, waving in the manner that signifies calmness and peacefulness. Very good morning.

To you, and to me.


betchai said...

yeah, a beautiful baby ET asking you to enjoy its beauty and the surroundings silently since the ET is in deep silence of contemplation and admiration as well of the beauty around.

the first picture looks very stunning, a bowing ET

Ratty said...

I think I like ET ferns. You are exactly right about the peaceful feelings that ferns give. Maybe I should look for little green monkeys here.

Pacey said...

You did capture the fern magnificently too. Beautiful posts here.thanks for the visit rain. Wish to see more of your beautiful posts next time.

Mei Teng said...

I have seen these ferns over here too. At first, they looked pretty scary all curled up..until I found out it's some sort of fern and not alien plants!

Some types of ferns are edible and they are delicious.

rainfield61 said...

BETCHAI:: Fern is a simple plant that can be found anywhere over here, but there are still wonder undiscovered.

Ratty:: Fern = green = peace = calm.

Pacey:: It is great we can share our pictures easily through internet. See you again.

Mei Teng:: Not to forget "Fern Leaf" that we drink everyday.

roentarre said...

Wonderful shot with dreamy bokeh in the first image

Good shot!

The Retired One said...

Despite the vast differences in temperature and climate, we have similar looking ferns here in the U.P. of Michigan! I love them too.
I never thought of taking pics of them up close and personal...these were great! I will have to look for some shots of Michigan ferns and post them too!
Thanks for sharing these with us!

rainfield61 said...

roentarre:: Thanks for your compliment.

The Retired One:: I did check through the websites. Ferns can be found in many places. Wait to see yours.

Icy BC said...

That was just beautiful ET fern and very cute!

Megaa_V said...

Talkes me back to my granny's village where I spent my childhood. Ferns are always beautifull eh. If you ever get to visit my home, you'll see there are 2 pots sitting on my balcony, long grown ferns which goes y the name Ernie and Bruce :P My hubby calls them that and no one can get rid of them. Can you beleive that?