Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day # 1

I have longed to take pictures on mother Monkey that is carrying her baby for a long time. I did see them many times before but failed to snap a presentable few. Going after them thus became one of my itinerary as long as I located them. Of course, this "them" and another "them" might not be the same "them".

My dream was fulfilled this morning. The monkeys appeared in the car park were having some fruits which were served by one local villager. They stayed for quite a long period for their food while I was happily snapping enough pictures for my and your pleasure.

It is Mother's Day tomorrow, the monkeys seemed gentle and quiet. While looking at their eyes which I used to do to all the living creatures, they might look no differently from us. The lady on the right turned to the mother, the later just responded with some pondering look.

These were the same couple but sat at a different place. They continued their sharing whereby the lady seemed to be a senior to the mother who listened obediently. I could never smelled any fierceness nor uneasiness around the corner. Both of them tended to enjoy their topics well.

I saw the gentle mother then rendered her helping hand to pick and remove flea from the lady. So far, the baby monkey hugged her mother so tight without showing any sign of loosen grip.

The next picture showed the mother brought the baby along on the floor for some eating. Interested to see a little monkey came beside them for some share of the maternal love.

In the last picture, this was the monkey family where the mother cared for all her little ones with kindness and affection. This was the sensation of being a mother.

Yes, happy Mother's Day to all the mothers.


Mike said...

Rainfield great pictures and some suitable words to make the post most enjoyable.

WiseAcre said...

Great set of shots. How you managed to get a hold of my family album is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Wow...what a beautiful family photos! What a blessing to see..

The Retired One said...

I can't imagine seeing monkeys on a walk thru the woods!
Great photos. Thanks so much for sharing them with us.

rainfield61 said...

I do not know how you all think about the post when come across the title in your blog list.

"Is it related to Nature?"

There is no pre-planned. The pictures just came in handy for the day.

Mike:: This was surprise to me as the pictures came so easy. No hassle.

WiseAcre:: Sorry to disclose your family album to the public without your approval.

Icy BC:: Say Cheese!!! but nobody listen.

The Retired One:: Will take you there immediately after you have landed.
Monkeys are waiting for you.

Mother Goose said...

The mothering instinct is strong in all mothers. These pictures are good examples of that.

Ratty said...

Don't you just love it when the animals pose for pictures so easily? I like watching the way wild animals take care of their babies. They all seem so intelligent then. I'll say again that I really like seeing monkeys.

betchai said...

oh, you are so lucky, to be able to experience their nurturing moments. i wish i can see them also in some trails here, i always get excited when i see them in the zoo actually, how much more up close to their natural habitat?

your pictures are great.

rainfield61 said...

Mother Goose:: You are speaking on behalf of yourself as well. All the pictures are dedicated to all the mothers.

In fact, mother goose is fierce to protect her kingdom.

Ratty:: You said it quite well. They are all seem so intelligent then.

betchai:: You have the monkeys not only in the zoo but also in my website. They are all yours.

roentarre said...

My mother's day is rather simple. A great meal and a great evening video night at home

The images here do show mother love. Good images

Poetic Shutterbug said...

These are great up close and personal shots. I'm enjoying your blog.

rainfield61 said...

roentarre & Poetic Shutterbug:: Thanks for the positive feedback. This is the motivation for me to carry on.

Megaa_V said...

Awwww....I miss my mom even more after I saw these photos
:( Beautifully captured, plus this goes into my know....the monkey photos album..which is close to my heart. Hope you had a wonderfull day ahead


Housewife9988 said...

though ur post was long posted, accidentally stumbledl upon ur blog and was rather saddened you used monkey mother to all mothers...

kulasa said...

oh, i am lost for words...such a lovely family:)di