Friday, May 8, 2009


Bougainvilleas can be considered as family friends of many household in Malaysia. When they are in full bloom, most of the family gardens are colored either in pink, purple, orange, or white. They are easily grown and need minimum care, even the cuttings in soil.

These purple and white flowers emerged actually from the same plant. My sister had helped to insert cutting of white flower onto the body of the purple. The flowers still demonstrate their original colours which meant I failed to see a mixed colour crossbreed.

When in full bloom, I see only flowers in the tree, with not much leaves in sight. This requires plenty of sunlight.

They are beautiful, they are thorny.

I took the chance during a raining day for a few shots. The petal looked transparent when it was wet. This must be the reason why sometimes it is referred to as "paper flower".

I spent my time experimenting to capture the movement of rain drop on the tip of the petal. I managed to freeze the reality later after I have shifted my camera to continuous shooting mode.

Bye bye the rain drop. When we see each other again, you may know me but I shall not recognise you. By the way we did know each other once upon a time.


wiseacre said...

I'm speechless so I'll just make hand gestures :)

Very nice flowers - too bad I'll never have them in my garden.
Kudos for you sister grafting the plant.

betchai said...

i love bougainvilleas, they are just so colorful, and they bloom non stop, i mean, it seems like they always have flowers all year round, maybe, some other months of the year less flower than the other months. i love all your pictures, i am especially drawn to the first one and the last one with the raindrops, the petals look so delicate.

Ratty said...

They are very good flowers. Continuous shooting mode is a wonderful thing. I've been using it to get pictures of flying birds. You water drop is a great idea.

rainfield61 said...

wiseacre:- I tried the grafting but failed. Look is easy. Think is easy. Actually it is not easy.

betchai:- Yes, they really bloom non stop, I like them esecially during Chinese New Year when they just decorated my house so nicely.

Ratty:- Seems like you are having some good techniques on photography as well.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen a purple bougainvilleas before, but I have seen the white ones, and pink ones...

Love those flowers since it reminds me of my childhood home!

The Retired One said...

Gorgeous shots!
Loved the water did great!

rainfield61 said...

Icy BC:- sharing the same view as you. It always reminds us on something when we hear, see or read something.

The Retired One:- Thank you very much madam. Happy Mother's Day.

raindrop said...

Wuahaha.. which raindrop you can still recognise then?