Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Host Today, Papaya Tree

I was annoyed by the raucous noise made by some birds out in my garden while I was surfing Internet in the afternoon. It seemed like they were having a fair, enjoying and inviting friends. They were simply too noisy and had aroused my interest. I took a peep through the window.

I could reach and pluck my papaya easily in the early stage. Later on, I needed the help of a ladder. But now, it grows so tall until sometimes I have given up to bring the fruit down.

And incidentally, my papaya tree was the host today, to the Mynah birds. I recognised they were Mynah from the sound that was similar to that of a common Mynah.

I rushed to my reading room at upstairs, walked slowly to the window hoping to get a few close range pictures. They were as alert as a squirrel and flew away immediately once I raised my camera ready to point at them.

From the shape of the papaya, it should not be the day one that these birds have visited my garden. They might have their breakfast and lunch over here after my last visit to my garden over last weekend.

They returned after I have waited besides the window for over ten minutes. But a slight movement drove them away again. I then played this hide-and-seek: I was behind the table, rested the camera on the window grille, and these birds were in the open.

In the end, I managed to get some good shots.

There appeared to be another species that I could not identify. It came together with the Mynah, may it be either a female or the other way round? But that was not important. I had accomplished my task of the day and felt very satisfied.


Anonymous said...

It must be exciting to watch the birds eating your papaya like that..What a treat to watch and take pictures at the same time! Double blessings..

betchai said...

aaaah, i love those papayas! I actually just bought several last weekend, and you have an over-abundance of papaya there :) . wow, look at the birds, they really have a reason to feast and sing out loud calling their friends for a party :) . I too find our birds here too noisy in the morning, but then, I do not think they have papaya to feast on. those are really lovely action filled shots of the birds.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Sounds like they were having a papaya party :)

Ratty said...

You had a great accomplishment. You were very patient waiting for these birds. Your pictures came out great. I like the red eyes on the Mynahs. The other bird does seem to have a very similar shape to the others. I really like these pictures.

Anonymous said...

You have been nominated for an award, check it out at:


Anonymous said...

So many papayas! How nice to have fruits straight from the garden.

roentarre said...

Funny that I like birds visiting my own dwelling

Only a good place deserves to be nature's home. Birds seek out a good place to stay :)

NatureStop said...

Thanks for passing by our blog. Then I could discover yours! very nice indeed!We do have quite a few birds here:)

rainfield61 said...

Icy BC::: What a double blessing!! The right moment did help me to get some terrific shots.

betchai::: These papaya, at the beginning, provided me with some sweet fruits, later then I got visitors posed for some pictures.

Poetic Shutterbug::: I like party with them too.

Ratty::: It is worth to spend times on this since I can pretend to be a professional. Ha ha ha...

rainfield61 said...

Argentum Vulgaris::: Thanks for your visit and the nomination.

Mei Teng::: Hopefully, I can have Longan in the near future.

roentarre::: I really appreciate what you have said. Thank you. Anyhow, I love my home and the neighbourhood.

Naturestop::: I'll not be a passer-by, instead I'll visit your blog frequently.

Pacey said...

Yeah, that's why I had to cut some papaya tree on my yard. I had too many of them already. And yes, mynah birds love eat. Now, the my jackfruit is the host. Gggrrr.... Love how you captured them, so clear. And btw, did you enjoy the jeepney rides here? have you tried the habal-habal?

rainfield61 said...

Pacey::: My trip to Philippine was too short for any jeepney rides or habal-habal, but I managed to visit the seaside nearby Makati City.

Megaa_V said...

Now I know your secret :)

Enticing them with their weakness...hmmm..I must entice my pray as well. Hopefully it works for me this time. Wish me with part of your luck will ya? :D

Tabib said...

Asian Glossy Starlings are like 'gagak' almost a menace here.
Any good pictures here!

Tabib said...

Ha,ha!. This birds destroyed by papaya trees last year. In their eagerness to eat the fruits, so many of them perched on the stalks and you know what happened after that.
This is 'Perling Mata Merah' or Asian Glossy Starling.
The last pic shows the juvenile species.
Nice photos and story.

Anonymous said...

Yes, exactly these type of birds were of good interest to my papayas in my home backyard! Once ripen, they are there feeding on them. The race is btwn u and the birds, who to pick the fruits faster!!!