Saturday, March 14, 2009

Something moved very fast in front of me

I have come back to my hiking trail after a short break to Penang Butterfly Farm. As a working man, I am only able to hike on every weekend, thus I have to skip and miss my weekend lover if there is any schedule change. By the way, there is not much to say on the changes on my trekking trail after a week of absence since I am living in a tropical country, yet there are disturbances in my mind. The disturbances started to accumulate after a few “coffee shop gossips” during lunch time which focused on the experience on the close encounter of the third kind at the trekking trail.

Of course, there are very many stories of this type which took place anywhere, yes anywhere especially at Gunung Jerai, or Mount Jerai. And of course, all these stories are more scary than finding trees trying to talk to me.

And today, I saw something that I have not seen before. I got to know something was behind the leaves up in front of me through the fast moving image. It ought to be a little one.

I tried with my limited courage to check it out. No, it must not be a monkey that always keeps itself busy jumping from one tree to another, it should not stop moving by now.

Before I gave up and moved away rapidly, the little image appeared to move again. I followed and looked carefully, I knew it was a squirrel by this time. This was the first time I managed to find squirrel at this hiking trail.

Wasted no time I pointed-and-shot. Before my camera was able to response for another one, it disappeared and no more visible again.

This is the only picture I can put up in my post. It won't be easy for you to detect the squirrel otherwise I must admit that I am really old.

I have not seen any black squirrel. This was a brown squirrel that I use to see.


Ratty said...

I'm going on a Great Squirrel Hunt. I'll be at war with those crazy little squirrels. You should try it. One of us will get a good picture of a squirrel. :)

The Retired One said...

You and Ratty are the GREAT SQIRREL HUNTERS !!! Good luck..they are crafty little buggers!!!

Ratty said...

I was thinking about squirrels so much that I forgot to tell you that I like your new blog template. It looks good like this. :)

rainfield61 said...

The Retired One: Glad to "see" you. It is hard to be a squirrel hunter. These animals are small and too fast to be noticed.

Ratty: No problem!! I'll put on more hard work to get a good picture. I saw one running on wire line while driving into car park of Cerok Tokun. I tried to snap while driving. Of course, no miracle.
By the way, thanks for your latest comment.

Mike said...

I hope you and Ratty aren't thinking of making a Davy Crockett hat from these pesky critters- hows that from an English guy?