Sunday, March 8, 2009

Adult Matter, Penang Butterfly Farm


I brought my Singaporean friends and relatives to Penang Butterfly Farm this Saturday. This turned up to be two sides of story. I missed my weekend lover, my jungle trek this round, but I gained extra more from the visit to the Butterfly Farm.

I intend not to talk too much on this post because all the pictures relate to the adult matter. How do you expect from me to describe words by words on all the actions, though it involves only butterflies, the very innocent butterflies that have been placed in the Internet unwillingly by the paparazzi?

Note: Penang Butterfly Farm is located at Teluk Bahang. Pantai Kerachut is in the neighbourhood.


Mike said...

Rainfields, I love Penang and I once visited the butterfly farm. They are so beautiful.

There is something special about these creatures here in the tropics.

BTW Great photographs.

roentarre said...

This is a fantastic series of images here. The butterflies are very beautiful. I could recall them common in south eastern asia

The Retired One said...

Isn't it amazing that something so small can bring such beautiful peaceful feelings from looking at them?
I want spring!!!!!

Ratty said...

Butterflies are beautiful, and you have some wonderful pictures of these two. What we see in the photos is another beautiful part of nature. We have a similar place like your butterfly farm at our zoo here. It is indoors, so they always have to watch when people go in and out of the building, so the butterflies don't try to get out.

betchai said...

Oh, love the butterflies. Do not worry about the adult story re: the butterfly, your pictures speak of the joy of nature already.

I actually have been to Penang once, but sadly, did not have the time to really roam around, maybe someday.

rainfield61 said...

Mike...Glad to know you love Penang like me. This is a beautiful island rich in everything.

roentarre...These are images from my point and shoot camera. It's fun to have all these.

The Retired One...The macro view brings even more feelings.

Ratty...Mine is also indoors to keep them from flying nowhere. Alice is not allowed to bring the net inside.

betchai...Welcome to Penang again. Penang is now one of the World Heritage Sites.

Anonymous said...

Well now, I don't have dirty mind, so all I can see is beauty.

These butterflies are incredibly gorgeous!