Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cerok Tokun Painted With Extra Colors


Not all the times beauty can be witnessed. This is why we are born with creative and wild imaginations and this is what I was enlightened by Mother Nature while I was having my mountain trek at Cerok Tokun these few weeks.

I found that there were some changes on the trekking trail during these few journeys. Parts of the trail have been adorned with red flowers that made the normally greenish look become more charming and attractive.

The trekking trail was parted simply by the reason of reserving the trees, I would rather think in this way.

Travelled further up I did not observe anymore blossom but I knew there were. They must be on top of the trees but only shied away from me behind the tallness of trees and the luxuriance of leaves. I could see yellow flowers were collected on the ground.

Some others were retained by the spider web.

There is no definite answer to what we have not seen because we are always held back by our limitation, though we are sighted, during the exploration of truth.


roentarre said...

The colour is incredible. The drought here in australia is so severe that I hardly see green these days.

Thanks for such a wonderful post with green!

The Retired One said...

I like to pop of color in the brush. Nice!!

Ratty said...

I think we need our imaginations to make the beauty of what we see even more beautiful. It's our imaginations that make us appreciate these wonderful green places.

betchai said...

oh, love all the pictures, but am drawn to the 3rd and the last the most, they seem to be like out of the ordinary.

rainfield61 said...

roentare...I am very lucky for not being in Australia right now. I have read so much about the drought in newspaper.

The Retired One...Thanks for your visit during your busy travelling.

Ratty...Imagination can bring us peace and happiness. This is the power of imagination. I shall be great if I think I am great.

betchai...Glad that my pictures attracted you. This is a invaluable reward.