Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sea Shore


I have abundant of wonders in my neighbourhood. I have mountain, seaside, paddy fields, rivers etc within my easy reach. It may not be too luxurious for me to pick my like of the day for the visit and since I was urged to visit the seaside a few days back after reading some posts, I finally made it this evening.

This seaside is at fifteen minutes driving distance from my work place. It was 6:15pm, the glaring sunlight had not been filtered by any leaves or branches on the shore line. After some warm up on the normal look of beating wave, I pointed my camera to the direction of the evening sun hoping to create a different perspective with some extra exposure.

The waves were not as fierce as what I have seen before which can be as high as two meters, and were not as dangerous as those during the invasion of tsunami many years back.

To see a man in action with his fishing net is an excitement to me. I think the beauty was kind of dynamic at the moment it was wide spreading open.

The man tried his luck at different directions, I followed and captured in all those directions. He failed to get any after all these tries, but I managed to have a few good pictures after him.

There came this Malay man for his turn of luck with his fishing rod, at the same spot, after the Indian man had left.

I might have not captured the action to the best, the man was actually swinging his fishing rod as to get his bait far away from shore.

Both men used different tools but with same objective in mind, the end result was not the most important, it was the process that count.


QuaChee said...

wow u r lucky to stay in such good location - of good nice malaysian sceneries :)

Travel Lee said...

Malaysia has a long coast line. If there is any blog that can write something about it, how nice it is.
We'll see more stories besides yours.

Ratty said...

More excellent pictures today! I like the first one with the waves crashing against the rocks. The pictures of the man with the net are great. I like the way you captured the open net, and that both men were on the same rock.

roentarre said...

The village life is very well captured here

rainfield61 said...

Travel Lee...Yes, If there is somebody to start off.

Ratty...It is funny for both of them to choose the same spot which did not prove to be a lucky spot.

roenrarre...Thanks for your comment.