Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Misty Morning Trek

My day should not be started in a disturbing and uneasy mood, this is why I have to reach Cerok Tokun at about seven o’clock in the morning in order to avoid any hassle looking for a place to park my car.
The street lights in the park were yet to be switched off. I love the silent and cool feeling especially if there had been rainfalls the night earlier. I was once an early bird to trek at 6 am during which I had to bring a touch light in the vast darkness.

I have discovered Alice's Wonderland today since I was at the right time and at the right place. I shall not be able to witness the misty trail once it get warmer.
I was rewarded with the Wonderland simply because I am a hardworking trekker who started the trekking earlier before the wonders returned to the book.
The feeling was very much different once I got myself out from the jungle, though the mist had yet to disappear. Without the roots crawling around, without having passing through the trees and leaves and having the tar road in the trail, I found myself coming back to the modern age.

Somehow, I still have my modern age Alice around.


roentarre said...

The lighting is stellar. Foggy and mysterious.

The night light is quite nostalgic in deed.

Very nice series of images here

Ratty said...

I looked at your Wonderland picture before I read your words. I thought your picture looked like Wonderland as soon as I saw it. Then after I read your post, I understood that you saw Wonderland too. That is a very beautiful picture. Now I know that I will have to go visit my trails early in the morning, but not until it gets warmer here in a few months.

WiseAcre said...

I love the first misty photo.

I get more of a Tolkien feeling looking at it. Any time now I expect to spot a Hobbit hidden somewhere in it.

rainfield61 said...

roentarre...This is the gift from Mother Nature that I seldom meet.

Ratty...I do believe you will discover new adventure in the early morning. Hope to see you Wonderland as well.

WiseAcre...I do not know how shall I response when I meet a Hobbit in the dense jungle.

Mother Goose said...

If this isn't Wonderland, I will be very surprised. I wonder if Alice will let us know.

The Retired One said...

Loved. LOVED the mist in these shots. Very nice!

Bengbeng said...

i like the misty shot. i will come again tonite :)