Monday, March 23, 2009

I was a Hunter with no gun

"Hey!! The coconut tree may be uprooted at anytime." A passer-by shouted the joke upon seeing me staring at the tree. Ha! I replied yes but in fact I was a hunter. A hunter who was scouting around for wonder up and down. This must be quite odd a behavior in the eyes of a stranger for a hunter with no gun but carried only camera.

Anyhow I discovered a Cockoo Dove on top of a coconut tree as a compensation for the earlier embarrassment. This was the first time I found it up so high. This brown Cuckoo Dove usually looks for food in the open space and returns to the bush immediately when someone is approaching.

Hold on, I can hear your whisper. Yes! Yes! I did not forget about the hunting for squirrels that I have mentioned in previous post.

By the way, I used to be cautious when branches and leaves started to shake. So far this method worked very well though it should be much more easier to detect a squirrel on a bare tree.

By the time I had myself beside a messy bush, my experience told me there should be a squirrel around. I stayed put and waited for its appearance. This tested my patience since nothing happened within my eyesight for a while. I had enough time for the game, this had effectively forced the squirrel to surrender finally.

Though I managed to hunt the creature, the click action was too fast for any focus. Was the image at the center of the picture a real squirrel? In order to prove I am not telling a lie, I continued my hunting game.

This came my photography skill for a dummy. I pointed my camera towards the area where I predicted the squirrel would appear and I waited. Whenever I detected any movement, I simply clicked continuously without second thought. This is the concept of a machine gun whereby out of hundreds shots, there should be at least one hit target.

The next picture is the only one that I have successfully captured the squirrel. The squirrel was quick and tricky, but I was the better one at the end.

And now you have to know my story cannot be continued further since I have exhausted the pictures on squirrels. Yes, I agree with you my maximum is two, but these two did not come easily.

The squirrel should be asleep by now. Good night.


The Retired One said...

I see this is a shooting contest between you and Ratty.
The war cannot be over yet, neither of you got a close up yet!

betchai said...

love that coconut picture with the bird perched on the leaves.

Ratty said...

I like the one with the coconut and the bird too. Watch out for those squirrels. I hear they can get angry if you follow them around too much.

Kengkaru Kong said...

practice make perfect mate!
enjoy snapping. wah....coconut tree? I like to drink coconut syrup. :P

Anonymous said...

Good reading! Good stuff!

welovetea said...

I love your photo of the dove! That's just lovely! :D

rainfield61 said...

The Retired One: It is too difficult to hunt the tricky one. I think hunting turtle should be more suitable.

betchai: Then I have to say I love it too. Haaaaaa...

Ratty: I have to be cautious. I do not want to be locked in the comments section.

teacherstuff: thanks for your visit.

welovetea: hope to see you again for my more and more interesting post and the respective comments.

•°°• IcyBC •°°• said...

You hunt with your camera, and that's so much better. I hate guns!