Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mysterious path, the lost Ark


Not too deep into the jungle, this is the ruin of hanging bridge which is serving no more purpose except as an photography icon right now. It will soon merge with the Nature in some more years and become a mysterious site of the trekking trail.

It may then be a good setting for any adventurous movie like Raiders of the Lost Ark, and the story continues. Our non-ordinary archaeologist Indiana Jones was sitting back for a couple of minutes to check on how to cross the bridge for the hidden artifact behind the bushes.

Later part of the story we see our professor started digging his book for any clue on the suspicious black object in the middle of his journey. He finally concluded this was not actually a part of the script and he wasted no time on it.

When he continued, he discovered a dragon which camouflaged itself behind those trees was trying to protect the entrance to the ultimate underground world. There was a long fight before our hero won over with some dangerous tricks.

Before he managed to return to the civilization, Indy had to clear his mind in order to find his way in the thick forest without any help from his followers. They were all dead during the fierce fight with the dragon.


The Retired One said...

Those were great! I especially liked the first one of nature taking over the bridge. Just imagine what some of our cities would look like if nature was allowed to take them over!

Anonymous said...

Those photos are absolutely beautiful. So vivid and inviting. Very nice.

Ratty said...

I liked that bridge very much! When I began reading, I was going to suggest that you be Indiana's guide. But when I saw the dragon, I no longer thought it would be a good idea. The guide is always the first to die in those movies. Good story!

Unknown said...

You go to such wonderful places....

roentare said...

The most unaltered landscape is the best beauty a photographer could find

Great green colour again

rainfield61 said...

The retired One...I'll come back to you a few years later on the update of a successful take over.

jodapoet...Feel really good that you like thems.

Ratty...It is my good luck for not to be one of the guides. I still have my mission to write more in my blog.

Sugathan...Welcome to my world, MyJourney.

roentarre...Hopefully green colour again and again will not bore you.

•°°• IcyBC •°°• said...

What a discovery! Nature sure is pretty when undisturbed..I love the greenery look!