Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Blossom in SJ

We never have four seasons in a tropical country like Malaysia, however some kinds of flowers do blossom in certain months of the year. These occurrences at different times usually relate to certain sentimental events that happened sometimes ago. Similarly when I heard The Beatles on the air with the song Let It Be, I shall never forget the moment when I was a child my neighbor used to sing it loud while he was having his bath. This is a story of long long time ago that is not in my interest today.

These "Malaysian Cherry" starts to fully blossom on March every year. The gorgeous line up can be seen at many places in the town.

One of my anonymous blogging buddies who I believe should be my ex-colleague commented in last month about the blossom. It was too early that time I saw only a few lonely flowers that emerged from buds.

We have been retrenched from the place that we have served for more than fifteen years at this time three years ago. The blossoms were as beautiful as now. They will continue to bloom and continue to witness lesser people walking out from the same building in the future.

The blossoms were really beautiful and attractive, I saw two young men were taking pictures when I reached there. They were just some other passengers in my day who would not get to know my story, somehow just let it be.

How things will be on the next blossom?


The Retired One said...

Those are absolutely gorgeous! Here, we have certain spring flowers that I wait for every year...I have over 200 tulips and daffodils planted in my yard that I wait for..and the smell of lilacs is probably my favorite. But, I have to be patient. We live in the far north and I won't see those flowers for at least another two months. Thanks for sharing the beautiful flowers...can you get a close up and post it?

Ratty said...

The cherry blossoms are beautiful. In a month things will start to look like that here too. I'll look for cherry blossoms here when the time comes.

Mike said...

Like you we don't really get four seasons. Funnily enough the better blooms seem to be in the hot season.

I do miss Spring in the UK, OK the weather is never brilliant but the flowers are always great including the flowering cherry trees.

roentarre said...

This malaysian cherry is something rather poisonous, according to my grandmother who had passed away more than 20 years ago.

They are pretty but they can be deadly if fed to the children or elderly.

Great series of images and I love them very much

rainfield61 said...

The Retired One: We need patience while waiting for them, we need to hurry when they are there. You'll know what I mean when you read my next post per your request.

Ratty: If I stay under the tree for some times, I'll be covered by layer of fallen flowers. Wait for your turn.

Mike: I respect people like you who left their homeland for a dream abroad.

roentarre:It is a new knowledge to me. Hope your Taiwan trip is enjoyable.

Cath J said...

I fall in love with this trees also.. the whites looks like msia on winter...and the lovely!!! How I wish they plant this in a special park...for sure will bcome a tourist

•°°• IcyBC •°°• said...

Flowers in March? I want to live we have snow and ice in March here!