Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rocky Trail

Do I like my new found Trek at the Dam Side? If you have asked, then the result must be positive. I am not telling new always means good, just like "some other things", but you really need a lot of energy and stamina in order to fully indulge in this one. No no no.... I am not trying to show off, I really mean it.

I needed no any extreme act like what Sylvester Stallone had done in Cliff Hanger for which I am too old to envy. Anyhow, there were big and small rocks along the trail. I just squeezed myself through some of them, stepped across the others, but I needed to climb over a few.

It is sort of different from my normal Trek at Pond Side mainly due to the long stretch of mossy rock, lying on my way instead of saying hello along the trek.

It made me feeling strange and mysterious as well in front of these entangled and giant vines. What can be the stories behind them?

Some rocks are properly stacked at a few places as you can see in the next picture. I wonder whether they are natural or the other way round. There are certain religious beliefs in some countries that link to the stacking of stones.

I like all these weird encounters that require less words to explain. Of course, I also know you do not like an old man keeps murmuring all night long. I am going to zip my mouth now.

Good night.


Ginnymo said...

Neat looking woods and rocks. I love that moss all over them. Must be real damp in there.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

I like all those entangled vines. They tell a story and give the photos character. A very inviting montage of photos.

Ratty said...

A new discovery may not always be good, but I can see by your pictures and what you say that this one is good. I like the first picture that goes down the hill. I try to take pictures like that, and I always wonder if it can be see properly. Yours can. And go ahead and talk for as long as you want. I like your stories.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

I really like the rocks. They make that a special place.

Icy BC said...

My goodness, looking through the pictures, I have to say that you're a brave adventurer.

The vines, the rocks, and the dense woods would have left me standing there crying..I guess I'm too old!

Anonymous said...

The trail looks steep and rocky. Might be a challenge for those who aren't into regular walking or hiking isn't?

You must be superfit to be hiking every week.

The Retired One said...

Holy Moley! You must be Superman or something...
As intriguing as it looks beyond all those vines and rocks...I would not have the courage or stamina to go and check it out!

rainfield61 said...

Ginnymo>> This is the usual damp weather in Malaysia. These mosses grow easily at everywhere.

Poetic Shutterbug>> These vines sometimes invite the feeling of uneasiness in the jungle, but it is great and fun.

Ratty>> I do not always get those pictures. Experiments and experience help to get one or two.

Sharkbytes>> The rocks present the sturdiness of the jungle. That's the reason the post is for.

rainfield61 said...

Icy BC>> Let me tell you not to cry in the jungle, I always sprint away from the place somehow when I feel weird. But this really tests my heart during the ascending trail.

Mei Teng>> Most of the hikes do not prefer these type of trek. But that does not mean superfit is neccessary.

The Retired One>> I rather to be a Man than a Superman. Don't you think it is too funny to wear the red underwear outside?

Pacey said...
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Pacey said...

These are nice entanglements, wishful thinking that I could disentangle them, just like how we entangle ourselves from life's little complications. :) Good night!

eng said...

it must be quite an experience to commune with nature, to know its path,to listen to its deafening silence.i envy you!

the well stacked rocks is mind boggling! could it be done by mortal hands or the hands of the creator?

Willie said...

I've not been into this kind of adventure for a long time. I used to like it but now, i prefer a relaxing vacation in a chalet or hotel.

Furthermore, i think i am not fit to do all these stuff anymore.

p/s : I've put your link in my blog. Thanks

Kirigalpoththa said...

looks like a great track..Were there any summit point where you could see a 360 degree view?

rainfield61 said...

Pacey>> These entanglements and disentanglements are as complicated as our life.

eng>> To commune with nature, to know the path, to smell her breath, to listen to her silence.. I love all these.

Willie>> Thanks for the link.
Yes, each people have their own priority and preference.

Kirigalpoththa>> There is no 360 degree at the summit. It is surrounded by dense woods. Maybe another summit is at goggle earth.

roentarre said...

The roots here are very interesting. Good nature images