Saturday, June 20, 2009

Alzheimer's Disease

I am suffering from the old man syndrome. I keep murmuring to myself from day to day on the trivia.

I murmured why there was moon in the morning, thus the night on the other side must be without her. This was not a new encounter to me. I had never been disturbed by this trivia before, but why it was now?

But then I moved to another trivia very quickly when I discovered some ugly mushrooms. You may think I behaved more like a little kid by then. I totally agree with you as when human grow to a certain age, they will behave as "naive" as a three years old kid.

I murmured why these mushrooms looked so unfamiliar ugly. I have no magical hand to turn ugliness into beauty, no matter countless angles I had tried on the pictures taking. I would not kiss them in the way to change a toad into a prince.

I did not move away, yet could not stop myself from murmuring. It must be funny to see, in distant, my lips vibrating as though I was praying. Out in a sudden, I saw some magical changes. Ugliness does not belong to infinity. The mushrooms had turned into some young, fresh and beautiful one.

They danced under my flashlight like a group of ballet dancers on toe. I know little about ballet but Swan Lake is my favourite. Look at their ballet tutus, and the music was playing.

I closed my eyes, I stopped murmuring. I followed the music, I enjoyed the dance.

Not after too long, I opened my eyes. I knew I had to go home before I found myself out of control, and getting lost in the jungle.

I had been day dreaming too much due to the Alzheimer's disease.


Ratty said...

Maybe it's not the old man syndrome. Maybe you are just getting too much fresh air. I have the same problem sometimes. Just recently I looked up in the sky and couldn't find the moon up there. I kept wondering who stole the moon. Now I know that it was you! ;)

roentarre said...

I love wild mushrooms. They add a lot of the nature I visit in Australia

I like various colour from these fungi

Pacey said...

Hahahah...beautiful encounter with the dancing mushrooms rain. Love the story and you can play around with words. Great posts as always.

rainfield61 said...

Ratty: But I have returned the moon to you yesterday. I could not find her anymore during my hike.

roentarre: There must be a variety of mushrooms in the wild at Cerok Tokun. Bit by bit I shall discover them.

Pacey: These mushrooms sometimes make up good stories. Glad that you love them.

Anonymous said...

Love the photo of dancing mushrooms!

Anonymous said...

Those dancer-like mushrooms are new to me. Have never seen them before.

subrayoga said...

Looi, you are not old.....actually you are damn bloody old..........continue your style of having fun and we will share your fun together from your blog. Nice lines..........

rainfield61 said...

Icy BC: I bet you'll like my next few posts, full of adventure.

Mei Teng: They must be somewhere around; a little extra attention will help you to discover them.

Subra: No no no... I can say that but not you!!

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

I like the patterns of the mushrooms whether they are old or new. But the new ones do look like they are dancing!

Kirigalpoththa said...

Different types of mushrooms!
I have seen the first type in SL but not the second..

eng said...

oh! i love mushrooms and not just to look at...ha!ha1ha!

and yes they looked like little ballerinas on their tutus!and as for the murmuring,i think you're keen observer and has nothing to do with age!!