Friday, June 19, 2009

Hanging Fruits

Monkey is the only animal that can be easily found in Cerok Tokun, there are squirrels and birds as well but they are too small to be noticeable behind the leaves or branches. They eat fruits that are found abundantly in the jungle. I seldom see anyone of them as skinny as me, they must have a better life. As what I have mentioned in my older post, they sleep very much early than us in their kingdom without feeling anxiety about missing action on hiking, jogging or working. They need to burn no midnight oil for any blog update.

They must have their map for places with tasty and sweet fruits in their neighbourhood.

I observed, for past few weeks, on trees that grew clusters of fruits. In human world we focus on those low hanging fruits due to our shortcoming to move up a tree. This is not the case for monkeys. They can swing, leap, jump or climb as easily as our ABC. There is no difficulty for them to take any high hanging fruits.

I observed for weeks and found out those numbers of fruit had never decreased. By outlook the fruits looked beautiful and tasty, they might be actually sour, bitter or even poisonous which must have been well recorded in the kingdom of these clever monkeys.

The next type of fruit that is under my observation looks like grape but with thicker skin. When I squeezed hard, I did not see any flesh other than the burst out of juice. I never risked myself to taste or smell which monkeys have never done it as well. No animals can resist if the fruits are abundant and taste excellently.

I may be wrong if we go back to the habit of human: some of my friends do not like durian. Then I deduced that firstly these fruits may either be edible or not, and secondly those monkeys, squirrels or birds certainly do not like these fruits.

At the end, all my conclusions are only derived from the standpoint of human. I am not in the place of those animals to understand their thought well.

My thought starts from low hanging fruits to high hanging fruits, from abundance to poisonous, from inedible to dislike. This is the thought of a stupid and bored old man.

Anyhow, they are only some simple fruits in the jungle.


betchai said...

"They need to burn no midnight oil for any blog update."
---haha, you made me laugh out loud with what you said.

Wow, that is a very interesting tree, the fruit really look like grapes, only that grapes aren't that all. It is my first time to see that tree.

Ginnymo said...

How interesting. That fruit looks so good yet it's so bad. Love the monkey too!!! Thanks for all your comments. I've been having a few internet problems and haven't been keeping up on posts. I think they have fixed it now though. So I'll be back.

Willie said...

Hi Rainfield61, is that your name?

I like this post. A deep thought of monkey. Yeah, we only can grab fruits that are at lower parts of a tree. Unlike monkeys, they climb well and live on trees. Hehehe

p/s: Nice photos too.

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking there's no way humans could be like them and likewise the other way around. Monkeys are monkeys and well, men are just men. Obviously, grabbing something within one's reach is the norm. Climbing up is way too hard and requires much effort. Unlike animals, they are made in such a way that they're supposed to be out climbing and food hunting! :)

roentarre said...

So interesting to see you going through the fauna and flora of the region. The monkey image in the first photo is very well captured

sant said...

really really beautiful ............ it shows human tendencies........... nice blog & interesting post keep it up .

rainfield61 said...

betchai): Wow!! You've changed your picture... I have heard you laughed so loudly and happily.

Ginnymo): Welcome back! Wait for your continuos visit and chat with me.

Willie): Yes!! I am Rainfield61.If you understand Chinese Character well, you can even guess my Chinese surname.

Mei Teng): Serious thought showed human are similar but yet so different from monkeys.

roentarre): This monkey has a good life and grows so fat.

Details in the Tales said...

I do love your comment about monkeys not being skinny as you... Maybe it's the kind of breed of monkeys? Anyway, I love playing with monkeys, but not wild, like those yu make as pets at home????

Glennis said...

Animals are not stupid, they only eat whats good and healthy for them, or anything else they can pinch of us humans.
Amusing to think of monkeys writing blogs! Haha
I enjoyed watching monkeys in the wild in Malaysia, they were really very tame and cheeky.

Pacey said...

True true, we'll never really know. Nice post here again rain. I've missed so much of your posts, was kinda busy.

Ratty said...

I wouldn't eat fruit if a monkey wouldn't eat it either. I would guess what is poison to them is poison to us. Sometimes they understand these things better than we do.

rainfield61 said...

Details in the Tales): Welcome. We are not allowed to keep monkey as a pet without a license.

Glennis): Monkeys in Malaysia are as cheeky as human, since they followed exact what human did on them. I can say, they are clever.

Pacey): Life is always busy, me too. That's why blog update is always a midnight affair.

Ratty): Human won't be able to know everything. But sometimes they just pretend to know everything thus makes those monkeys laughing out loud.

Anonymous said...

I'm with betchai, laughing out loud at the part: "burning middle oil to update blog"..

Your photos are always interesting..