Monday, June 15, 2009

New Hiking Trail

Besides the tar road that is the favourite of many people, the jungle trek that run parallel with it is the alternative of other hikers to ascend to the top of Cerok Tokun. Actually there are various trails available. I have tried one whose starting point is located immediately before the main gate. If I go alone, then I shall be alone for the whole journey. Some of you may like privacy, this vast space is not my preference. It is not owned by me, but by its respectively "caretaker". Though I call Cerok Tokun my "weekend lover", she is still much a mystery to me.

When I had done my hike yesterday morning, I found three men were heading to a trail that was not known to me before. I followed, and I asked. It needs one hour to reach the peak, and two hours for the round trip, for which I was lacking at the moment. I had my next agenda in schedule.

It was kind of disappointment for not able to trek a new trail that I shall not hike by my own self. It looked no different from my normal trek, but this would not tell the actual situation when the journey was kicked off. By the way, the starting point of this trail is nearby the dam I have talked about in my earlier post.

You can see the small dam at the background

I shall come back next week, if I am lucky enough then I shall join someone on the new adventure.

And day by day, bit by bit, I hope I am able to locate all the available routes.

(It must be fun to know your belief about the jungle and in the jungle. You, who are from different parts of the world, of different background and different religion).


Icy BC said...

I wouldn't be able to hike those trails, but I enjoy coming along with you through your post!

Ratty said...

I understand a little bit the need to hike with others sometimes. I have a new place that I am very unfamiliar with. The trails are longer than I've ever hiked before, and much more confusing. I don't want to get lost alone, so I'm waiting to go with somebody else.

betchai said...

like you, i don't hike alone on places i am not familiar with, and not so commonly hiked by others, am afraid something would happen to me and no one would be able to spot me at all :) i am thinking maybe women are generally just more fearful than men do regarding hiking alone in unfamiliar terrain. but in places where i know the place very well and i know once a while there are people that would be passing me, then, i prefer alone sometimes. hope you will find a partner to venture in this trail.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Thats look like a very good hiking path. The path looks very similar to ones i find in Sri Lanka.. Tropical and with lot of under growth..

The Fern and Mossery said...


eng said...

it is a shame i do not hike. maybe, it isn't too late, maybe i can still do it. i love nature, i prefer to sit silently by the bay and watch the sun sets on the horizon instead of going shopping.

maybe its about time for me to cultivate a new hobby, an outdoor one!

roentarre said...

The trail and the forestry are simply gorgeous.

I had yet embarked on a hike for sometime

I need a break from work I guess

Mei Teng said...

I enjoy light hiking. The other time I took a friend along with me, I ended up descending midway coz she was huffing and puffing and felt nauseated.

rainfield61 said...

Icy BC::: Then I'll hike with you virtually around.

Ratty::: Some "superstitious" beliefs freqently disturb me while I am in the jungle. They are deeply rooted..

betchai::: I enjoy your hike and trekking very much.

Kirigalpoththa::: Tropical forests are mostly the same. They are dense and dim.

rainfield61 said...

The Fern and Mossery::: Thank you. I have a mountain full of fern for you.

Eng::: Once get started, you will find yourself not able to stop. Let begin your outdoor life with the nature.

roentarre::: I always like the beautiful scenery your have captured in your hike.

Mei Teng::: Your friend must be a newcomer. Further training will make her stronger. Am I right? But you won't be able to persuade her to have another one, I think..

Mei Teng said...

Not only is she a newcomer. I believe she doesn't exercise regularly. So hiking uphill would not be suitable for her unless she trains or regularly walks.

I don't want to go with her again....scared she might pass out midway. I won't be able to help her...except "roll" her down the hill..hahha.

Heather Dugan (Footsteps) said...

What an interesting place to live! You are blessed to be able to explore such a unique ecology.
I've hiked in jungles in Kauai and Mexico -but not to the extent you do living in one! Your Cerok Tokun hikes sound like so much fun!

rainfield61 said...

Mei Teng::: I did experience once: I wanted to keep my pace with a lady on one of the hike, mostly due to my ego, but I found myself feeling nauseous at the end. Hahaha.....

Heather Dugan::: Yes! Cerok Tokun may look normal to others but she is so wonderful to me.

The Retired One said...

I like to partner up when I hike, even if we do not talk so that we can be quiet to encounter animals. I am not good with directions in the wilderness, so I need someone who knows where we are with me.
The jungle is so foreign to me, I would be afraid of animals and snakes there that I did not know about!

hy said...

Hi may i know do you hav any friends know the trail hike from Ceruk tokun to mengkuang dam? THank you very much.

Im thinking to visit there this week.