Saturday, June 27, 2009

Inside the Jungle

How do you feel about the jungle?

"The dense woods would have left me standing there crying", what "a challenge for those who are not into regular walking or hiking", or "as intriguing as it looks beyond all those vines and rocks...I would not have the courage or stamina to go and check it out"!

There are a few outlets to the main road, the tar road, along the Trek at the Dam Side. This the reason why many rather hike using this trail than others. One of my fellow hiker told if any strange or uneasy feeling haunted him and persisted during the hike, he would then leave the place and re-join the crowd at the main trek.

I have a few experiences in the past as well. When I first started my date with Cerok Tokun, I had lost the sight on my next trail beyond a flatland and was almost led into the wild by a false one. I was lucky enough to turn back and there it was. Why it was missing earlier?

I did run or sprint a few times inside the jungle. It was once during a heavy rainfall, the rhythm of fallen rain behind me sort of similar to thousands of people chasing after me. I ran to branch off from the jungle trek, and to return to my community. Do you still think I am adventurous enough? But those experiences are exciting.

To hike inside a jungle means I have to alternate between brightness and dimness. I always have problems with my point-and-shot camera when I am surrounded by dense woods until I bring along my DSLR.

To be able to feel the sunlight and blue sky is a blessing, especially after a long stretch of steep ascending path. This matches the feeling about seeing the light at the end of a tunnel.

But if you ask whether I like the track, the hike, and the jungle, then I have to ask again, why not?


Glennis said...

Absolutely, why not go for a wonderful challenging walk in the jungle. I don't think you have Tigers or any real mean predators wandering around there so go for it and enjoy the wonders of the jungle.
If you do have tigers, then take care, walk noisily.

Anonymous said...

I like leisurely hikes in the jungles but not the mozzie bites I get whenever I venture into jungles or forests. I am afraid of leeches so I don't go into jungles/forests when I know they are likely to abound during the wet season.

Ratty said...

I think your jungle is probably much more dangerous than my forest. Our colder weather keeps most dangerous animals away. It still can be an exciting adventure in the jungle or any unknown place.

eng said...

i haven't been on a jungle. the only jungle i know is the buzzling metropolis,a place maybe more dangerous than the ones you love.

looking at your photos and reading your trekking/hiking escapades. i cannot but feel that jungle can have such a commanding presence.a benevolent presence that requires looks like it also has a menacing presence which i don't want to be in.

rainfield61 said...

Thank you all for the valuable comments, I have learnt some sort or other.

Glennis: Other than some rare wild boars, I do not have any real dangerous animals in this jungle. In fact, I shout during my hike, not to frighten away any predators but to catch my breath.

Mei Teng: I have not been accompanied by any mosquitoes over here, but occasionally I can see leeches standing upright on the trail, were tehy saluting me?

Ratty: Just abide by the "law of jungle", we are free from any dangers.

eng: Jungle is like human, it can be both benevolent and menacing, the difference lies on how we treat it.

The Retired One said...

I have been quoted.
I still think you are brave to complete some of your adventures...and I am happy that you love it and do it!

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Though I have never been in a jungle it seems exciting yet scary at the same time. I love your photos.

Icy BC said...

Looking at those pictures, I think you're adventurous more than just enough..

Ginnymo said...

That jungle looks spooky to me and very rough to walk in. Yikes! be careful. Great photos!!

rainfield61 said...

The Retired One: Wow, such a response!!!

Poetic Shutterbug: Run in between excitement and scare, that is interesting and fun. Adventurous?!

Ic BC: I always pretend to be. Haha...

Ginnymo: It lookd spooky not only to you but to many of the hikers, that's why the main trekking trek is always full of people.

Jenny said...

Hey. Just stopping by from BlogExplosion to say hi. Love your blog. I'll be bookmarking it for daily visits :)

CH said...

Asian always pay great respect to the jungle. They have a long list of guidelines to be followed once inside the jungle. Say it superstition, but this is the belief.
Great post that I enjoy reading.