Sunday, June 27, 2010

This Is Not My Story

I waited below an Albizia tree this morning. I had a sense that birds would stop by and posed for my photographs. And I did a few random shots to ensure my camera was ever ready before the moment arrived.

Albizia flowers are one of those flowers with no petals but a bundle of glorious white and pink mustaches, but many people would rather say they look like silky threads, and thus Silk Tree has become one of their nicknames.

As time passed by, there was no arrival of any birds yet, I spotted a moth instead. This was just a place for transit, and it left in a hurry, but not me. I made up my mind to stay further.

The broad crown of a mature Albizia tree provides a form of good shade. Why must I be in a hurry?

My random shots continued as no birds bothered to drop by, except this red headed couple. They thought I could have at least something to tell my blogger friends.

So this day is belonged to them.


Radka said...

Good day. You have a nice blog. Your photo is really like. I'm just an amateur photographer. Have a nice day Radka.

Diane AZ said...

No wonder the moth is attracted to the silk tree flower and one fly is attracted to another, as your pictures reveal that nature is awesome beyond words.

The Silent Thrill Of Emotions said...

Very nice photos! I like better the second one!

Stephanie said...

we all are connected... even flies

betchai said...

oh, i am very glad for the story you have for us today, awesome and brought tons of laughters to my day.

Filip Demuinck said...

Very nice article and some other color then green. Good

Frieda said...

Great pictures and another nice story to accompany them. Those trees must be beautiful.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Ahhh...the flies really had a good time eh?

Cheryl said...

Wow, what a gorgeous sight to behold!

Kilauea Poetry said...

Oh this was rich! Stephanie says we're all connected to those flies! I should do my hair red again (grin)..Well I see you've certainly done a nice job blending your colors! We have those Albizia trees here too. Nice photos of the blossoms and moth. There is a long road (the first part anyway)-lined with them on the way to the famous Kalapana Beach and surf spot here. I think they are incredible as they fan out like lace work and cover the whole road. The latter half is mostly Mango trees.
(I left a comment for you:)

Mike said...

Nice photographs Rainfield, the happy flies have it for me.

Ratty said...

I like the look of the flowers of the Albizia tree, and apparently so does that moth. By the way, the moth is actually a skipper, almost the same thing. Those two flies look incredibly happy.

AVCr8teur said...

No birds to take your attention away from other creatures who decide to visit the Albizia tree like you.

Kirigalpoththa said...

The couple gone red after your photo

wenn said...

oh..u intruded into the flies' privacy.

Icy BC said...

It's your story, and I like it!

Your flower shots are gorgeous. I see some water drops, and you're captured a private moment of the flies..

rainfield61 said...

Thanks for your visit, I am an amateur photographer as you.
Have a nice day.

The moth is attracted to the silk tree flower and one fly is attracted to another, I am attracted by all of them.

The Silent Thrill Of Emotions:
I can feel your emotion if you love the last one.

we all are connected... wireless.

I am not aware that my story is so heavy and carry tons of load. lol.

Filip Demuinck:
Thumbs up?

I am glad you like the story which is contributed by the flies.

Yes, of course.

It is my pleasure to share the sight with you.

Kilauea Poetry:
You have a lovely comment which I have enjoyed the most.


Those two flies made me feeling happy, I think the same to you as well. Thanks for their story.

Is it a blessing for having no birds around?

They are now red hot in the Internet.

But they did it openly. ...

Icy BC:
How great for you to tell it's my story. This is the whisper of the flies.

George said...

Although I'm sorry you didn't capture any birds with your camera at the silk tree, you did give us some very beautiful pictures, so your stay was definitely worth it. I'm not sure the flies appreciated you posting them on the world wide web, however!

Ginnymo said...

Ha! Ha! That picture is worth more than the birds..Ha! You just never know what you are going to see.

eileeninmd said...

Rainfield, very nice post and story. Loved your photos, I especially love the blossoms.

Ann said...

Are those flies or cicadas. When I see mating flies, I always "PIAK" them. They are easiest to "PIAK", otherwise you let a zillion flies to annoy you.

I was watching the swarming animals on TV. They talk about the once in 17 years cicadas. I couldn't believe it. In Sarawak, you see giant cicadas all the time. Here, I think in spring you get them.

Life Ramblings said...

great shots. looks like the flies are having an intimate moment with one another.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Rainfield, those flowers with the pink and white moustaches :) are so pretty and exotic. I'd be attracted to it as well. You are getting very good at capture nature porn :D

Harumi said...

I think I've seen albizia trees but not the flowers. They look really gorgeous in your macros. ^__^