Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Plantain Squirrel in Action

Where can we see squirrels other than in a jungle? Yes, We can find one or two over here and there, and more are even barcoded and labelled at this place.

They are kept like pets which I always like to do. I got an offer by the Nature this morning, and it was a real good offer. I was able to watch a squirrel more than a mere silhouette.

Looking at the chestnut belly, the white stripe and a touch of red on the bushy tail tip, it is definitely a Plantain Squirrel. The same force of gravity which had brought down an apple in seventeeth century seemed to have no effect on him. It managed to maintaine an elegant pose while snacking on fruits.

The quantity of fruits proved to be very useful to me, the number must be inversely proportional to the degree of alertness of this squirrel, or it had been taught about the function of a camera, and a man who armed himself solely with a camera.

Don't you think it really enjoyed the snack? I would like to taste a few if I was as tall as this tree. And I do not think it was selfish enough to refuse me.

Anyhow, a squirrel is still a squirrel, it never forget to perform some spectacular stunts. It scampered from one branch to another at the speed of lightning, and it ran over a narrow "rope" without a pole.

Why not it performed a vertical drop like a parachute, or let's have a round of applause first?


Icy BC said...

I think the squirrels enjoyed their snack/treat very much..

Diane AZ said...

Mr. Plantain Squirrel of the jungle looks beautiful with the red coloring at the tip of his bushy tail. It's fascinating to see how he uses his big tail for his balancing act. Thanks for linking; squirrels of the desert only have small tails as there are few tall trees to climb.

Life Ramblings said...

wow, it must have been great to see the squirrel in it's natural habitat.

Loshini said...

he's a very busy guy, ya? :)

very nice set of pics!

Bengbeng said...

great shots this time. i have never succeeded so far in catching a good shot of a squirrel

VanillaSeven said...

You area almost as expert as our squirrel king Ratty. Well done.

betchai said...

wow, great for you to capture a squirrel over there, i could not remember seeing a squirrel in my hometown :( in the Philippines, maybe I did not look enough or not so aware of their existence

Frieda said...

That's a nice set of pictures---
squirrels are great animals, so much fun to watch them jump and climb around
I have a picture of a squirrel (european version) that steals bird food in front of my window:

Sharodindu said...

ohh great!
nice capture of these busy guys :)
good shotst!!!

Ginnymo said...

So you really do have squirrels over there? Ha! Good photos Rain!!

Kilauea Poetry said...

This was terrific! Bamboo huh.. court orders..climbing trees are out for me too! Well I clicked the links (they are terrific-loved the mosaic's-birds too) to the last that's all folks! Charming indeed! We don't have them here on this Island sadly. Anyway, I also clicked on the tailored bird on your left side column- fantastic!! That was just part 1)..would you like me to make like a squirrel and hunt for the rest of the series- or did I miss a link?(lol)
Have a wonderful day!!

George said...

Our squirrels are every bit as acrobatic as your Plantain Squirrel. They all seem to defy gravity. I give the squirrel a round of applause for his agility and you a round of applause for your photographs.

AVCr8teur said...

Squirrels are fun to watch. I have them in my backyard, but sometimes my dog scares them away so I cannot enjoy their company.

Anonymous said...

I see squirrels scurrying across roads once in awhile. These creatures move super fast. One minute they're there and the next, they're gone from sight.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Why do they call plantain squirrel?

Autumn Belle said...

This squirrel is certainly very happy today. Lots of food to eat. You have so many good shots of this cute furry creature enjoying himself.

rainfield61 said...

Icy BC/Life Ramblings:
It was. And it enjoyed so much so it thought I was another squirrel athat would not hurt him.

Your ground squirrels look so cute which I have never seen before, at my place.

He's busy, and so your are, as I thought you have been back to Malaysia.
But I was wrong.
By the way, have many good days.

This is my first time, and hopefully I'll get better

I am only an expert of one day. Ratty has been so good all the time.

I always discover these squirrels out of the corner of my eye. They are so quick...

You must be as busy as thes guys nowadays. Good day to you.

So you really do have squirrels over there?
Of course!!! And why not?

Kilauea Poetry:
You will be surprised if you keep hunting the Tailor birds stories.
Have a wonderful day!!

They all seem to defy gravity. So Newton's Law fails. Am I right?

Then ask the squirrels to scare your dog away...

Mei Teng:
You should be able to see squirrles crossing roads using the cable lines, like monkeys do.

I think just because they eat plantains.

Autumn Belle:
Everybody enjoys, me and the squirrel.
There are so much fun.

Ratty said...

It's good to get this fun look at one of your plantain squirrels. These are my favorite squirrels that I may never get to see for myself, so thank you for sharing these pictures.

eileeninmd said...

Are they really called plantain squirrels? Do they eat plantains? Great capture of the squirrel in action.

CH said...

You really have a good day with a plantain squirrel. It is very cute.

Ann said...

You won't like me, my Ah Pa and Ah Kung used to trap them and makan them.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

They are definitely playful acrobats. I loved seeing these photos and I'm sure they enjoyed their snack.

Ayie said...

i also love to watch the squirrels here in action while they jump from branch to branch and maneuver to get those hanging apples

Harumi said...

Cute squirrel, chubby and furry with a fluffy tail. Sadly we don't get squirrels here, only a gregarious bunch of chipmunks making noise from morn to eve. =D

PS: if the law of gravity doesn't apply to them, won't they make wonderful astronauts? =D