Sunday, June 20, 2010

Jungle Trekking

This is the beginning of a new day. I have been given this day to use as I will. And I used it in a jungle this morning.

I hiked, and as usual, I also pondered. I pondered over my addiction to trekking in a jungle in this morning. Other than the physical thing, what else has made me feeling so great to visit Cerok Tokun every week?

I knew I had the answer when I started to shoot the silhouette of a butterfly. I have indulged myself in the mysterious world of a jungle.

I have long mistaken a bat as a bird that always circles swiftly around me. This was corrected only when I managed to watch a bat flapping its wing and flying towards me. It looked stationary for a flash of a second in this direction. It is very weird indeed to feel a critter keep flying past me. Yes, I always feel an instantaneous air pressure on my face and I usually see dark images of those critters.

And I have seen bigger butterflies hovering above and in front of me on and off for a long time. I used to think that they were showing me the way. I have yet to identify who they are, but I happened to stumble upon this small one this morning.

It is a Euploea tulliolus koxinga (小紫斑蝶) that turned from a silhouette into a picture with a fine touch of the sunshine. I actually saw two, but only this one was in a right photographic position.

I like hiking, and I keep pondering and murmuring over the mystery of a jungle over and over again. You may have overheard.


Icy BC said...

These photos are just gorgeous, Rainfield. It's great, sometimes, to just forget oneself and immerse in the surrounding.

Frieda said...

The photos and your description are great. Hiking in the jungle must be a wonderful thing (that comes from someone who has only been hiking in european forests :)

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Love the third picture. The butterfly with a touch of a light.

Anonymous said...

cerok tokun's as mysterious as ever :)


Kilauea Poetry said...

I still have nothing up..nothing yet to show for myself, except being a loyal blogger (ha ha)
Well, I think can relate to why you'd be drawn to such a place! Fantastic- these are beautiful!! I truly enjoy this silhouette!
Now, I know exactly what it feels like to have a cockroach brush my forehead! We bumped heads in the dim but balmy Hawaiian night! (this was my initiation to the Islands)!! Course there have been more enchanting critters that have crossed my path!
Well, my best to you today..

Stephanie said...

Your photos are pure and amazing! I love them.

Cheryl said...

What a gift you have been given, to hike in the jungle and to enjoy all that is around you. The butterfly photo was great, such a pretty one.

Out on the prairie said...

It is where you have found a place to think clearly.

George said...

I'm very glad that you are addicted to hiking in the jungle and I hope you will keep hiking, pondering and sharing for many years to come.

Kirigalpoththa said...

I'm happy to see you have got the same addiction as mine :)

Ginnymo said...

I love the way those butterfly photos came out! Your forest looks so dark and spooky..ha!

Mei Teng said...

Jungle trekking is good exercise. I have not gone for jungle trekking for quite awhile.

AVCr8teur said...

Your jungle friend bats and butterflies welcome you back on your weekly visit.

VanillaSeven said...

Your photography skill are impressive rainfield :)

fufu said...

wow... nice!! it's been a while since i came here reading your posts... nice shot for the butterfly =p

Life Ramblings said...

it must be a thrilling experience to encounter interesting critters in Cerok Tokun. do you always go trekking alone?

eileeninmd said...

Rainfield, another awesome trek into the jungle. I enjoy your walks and your photos. The butterfly with the spot of light is an awesome photo! Well done!

rainfield61 said...

Icy BC:
I see my shadow occasionally inside this dense forest, how can I forget myself?

Hiking in the jungle must always be a wonderful thing, no matter which jungle you are in. I do believe.

The picture of the buterfly is painted by morning sunshine.

Cerok Tokun is of course eerie and mysterious.

Kilauea Poetry:
It certainly feel hungry when the cockroach is brushing you forehead. It will bite, and bite, and bite until there is a big hole on your forehand.

You are a great artist!

The butterfly photo was a good gift by the Nature. I just met them at a right time.

Out on the prairie:
I can think clearly in a vast quiet place where I hear only Nature talking.

I am glad you have over-heard, and come over to check it out.

We are both addicted, and there is no medicine to cure.

It is dark, it is spooky, and it is mysterious.
I respect my jungle.

Mei Teng:
Why not you come over in one day and join me for a hike?

But they do frighten sometimes.

I am learning from everyone of you, and I am improving.
三人行, 必有我师.

Oh yes, welcome back. You must be very busy with your study.

Life Ramblings:
I am always alone. Only the Nature talks to me.

I am feeling the same, thanks to the Nature.

Heather Dugan (Footsteps) said...

You share the jungle's beauty so well with both your photos and your words, Rainfield.

betchai said...

the illumination on the butterfly is really stunning Rainfield, the great rewards of hiking.

Ann said...

Do you trek alone and usually in Penang?

Is it at Penang Hill that you go? We went by cable car and I didn't like it.

wenn said...

Hi, hiking and jungle trekking are both awesome activities! Glad that u followed my Australia tour! Thx! Can I hv yr email address?

ruthi said...

as usual... great shots. it's indeed summer now. butterflies are all around. i just had a wonderful time with them last weekend.

Harumi said...

First pic creeps me out, the 2nd gives the vibes like the time has stood still, and the 3rd.. is simply breathtaking! Rain you're excelling as a photographer remarkably.

That single ray of sun brings out such a beautiful golden hue in the velvety wing of the butterfly with a tough to pronounce name. =D

Looking forward to hearing more jungle adventures. ^__^

The Retired One said...

Ooooo, I love the shot of the butterfly with the light on is breathtaking! Successful trip in the jungle when you can see beauty everywhere!!!

Bengbeng said...

how do you manage to identify the butterfly... any links to share?

Xjion89 said...

it is all about nature^^~~~
i like~~

Bangchik said...

Your murmurs had been heard over miles echoed by that Mertajam Hill....

wiseacre said...

Love the last photo. It's always a pleasure when you can capture the moment when everything is perfect :)

Poetic Shutterbug said...

To get lost in the jungle and carried away by your thoughts and passions is truly special. These shots, especially the lighting on the butterfly are spectacular.

Ratty said...

Great butterfly pictures. They look dark and mysterious.

•°°• PreciousKD •°°• said...

Reading your older posts I can see the changes in your style of writing, but your photos are always fabulous.

Yaseen Abbas said...

Nature has its own beauty. tour in Pakistan in jungle is nice idea but be aware Nature is beautiful and danger.