Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Danced In The Jungle

I danced in the jungle this morning, I am not joking.

I did this in my playground without the presence of anybody. Nobody knows my secret except you. Yes, please don’t try to look around, it is you that I am saying.

I have told you before that I had mistaken a bat as a bird that kept circling nearby me. This was a very creepy experience. I met it again this morning by then I started to dance with a bat; I waved my camera, I made some heel turns, I swung my head and I was MJ.

I am not a good dancer, it was not easy for me to catch up with the fast rhythm. But its echolocation system was good enough to guide the bat from stepping onto my foot.

I am not a good dancer, but this cannot stop me from showing you some pictures of the bat.

The bat was a total mess in the picture, you have to try your luck and is interesting for you to find where it is.

A bat is a symbol of darkness and forbidden nature, I just cannot imagine I had danced with it.

The second picture is no much better than the first one, but I was improving.

If you are fed up with my searching game, the improved last picture shows my mysterious dancing partner very clearly. It was still circling, and trying to "fly into" me. I flashed at the bat, but its eyes are small and poorly developed though none of them are blind, I still do not know how effective my acts were, but I definitely know my camera was both a weapon and an equipment.

Lastly, please tell nobody that I danced in the jungle. This is a ridiculous thing to get mentioned. I am just a stiff dancer.


Ginnymo said...

You better be careful dancing among all those vines and branches. You could break a leg..Ha! That is a great photo of the bat!!! So neat!!

Diane AZ said...

Maybe another secret jungle blogger saw you and captured footage of your heel turns and swirling bat maneuvers. Surely it will show up on YouTube videos any day now.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Rainfield, you are the Moonwalker of the jungle. I wish I was there to take video of this. Nice shot of the bat.

jeannette said...

Rainfield, sorry I haven't visited for a while -it seems when we got more and more followers, it's harder to visit everyone!
I agree bats are creepy!

George said...

Your secret is safe with me. I wish I could have seen pictures of your dance, but I like the last picture you got of your dancing partner. Good capture!

Kilauea Poetry said...

I'm using my blackberry and it has a tendency to endlessly load..meantime, I ended up seeing a remark I'd missed on Albezeia's having a mustash! Lol))..wow, I was able to zoom in quite nicely-that bat was well worth a dance..his face looks almost human like! The surrounding trees just add to the visual! The bad reputation they got I think is really unwarranted- as they have many good qualities! Devouring insects is just one..(I mention this while hungry mosquitoes circle me)! Anyway, cheers to your happy trails! Great post!

eileeninmd said...

Rainfield, funny post and story! I can imagine me doing a dance if a bat was dive bombing me too. They fly around me every morning when I am putting out my birdfeeders on my deck. Your photos turned out well, they are quick movers.

wenn said...

hv u ever been bitten by leeches? Btw, hv u read yr mail lately?

Tabib said...

Daylight Bat...wait for 12 midnight!

Kirigalpoththa said...

Oh it is batman!

Frieda said...

Dancing in the jungle seems like a nice secret and it was well worth the effort, the pictures are great (i like pictures with hidden things...).
I like bats and could even hold one in my hands once (it was in the care of a friend). It was furry and cute but its mouth was full of tiny teeth :-)

Icy BC said...

Your secret jungle, and whatever you're doing while you're there will be kept a secret. The pictures are just wonderful.

rainfield61 said...

I shall be careful not to break all those vines and branches, included the bat.

If you happen to see it in YouTube, please let me know.
I might be famous because of this.

Poetic Shutterbug:
I am the Moonwalker of the jungle. I am MJ.

Glad to see you again.

When I got the last picture, I knew I had caught up with the fast rhytmn.

Kilauea Poetry:
Sometimes misunderstanding can hurt a reputatiion. I think you may need to write a post to clarify all these. The bat needs you.

If I have brought a net around, I think I may have caught it. The bat kept flying in a same routine.

Yes, leeches are very common after a raining day.

No, you won't see at Cerok Tokun at 12 midnight. You definitely won't see there.

Batman? Where is he?

I have not held a bat before. It is a mammal. Its body must be warm.

Icy BC:
It is a secret. Nobody knows except you. You are the only person who know this.

VanillaSeven said...

Oh! You managed to captured a bat with your cam! Cool!

Heather Dugan(Footsteps) said...

Once a bat flew in down my chimney. When I spotted it swooping around the house, I dropped to the floor and crawled for the closest door. No dancing for me!

Life Ramblings said...

i'm afraid of bats, they are spooky.

Autumn Belle said...

Did the bat teach you to do the pole dancing, upsidedown?

Harumi said...

It'd have been cool if the bat took a snap of your dancing too. =P

That's a cute dancing bat. Might be rehearsing for a concert or something. =D

CH said...

He he he he.....

A guy danced in a jungle.

Ann said...

You before, before Dracula sucks your blood until you really become MJ.

I don't like bats, they look like rats with wings, and their fangs!!!!!

Ratty said...

Having to dance to get a picture of a bat is very much worth it. Your dance brought us a great picture.

fairfieldhotelohio said...

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Ayie said...

maybe a dance with bats next time?

ruthi said...

i would surely dance too if i encountered bat in the jungle or worse... run!