Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Tortoise

I had a quite strange morning today. I am not trying to exaggerate the actual happening, but it was really weird to see a tortoise walking (this is my term, it might be running) at Cerok Tokun. And don't tell me it raced all the way from the foot of Cerok Tokun, this is not a matter of a few hours; and where was the hare?

A stranger like this tortoise had not attracted the attention of many passers-by. It was alone when I spotted it far away. And it was still alone when I got nearer. It might be leaving one mountain and went searching for another.

"Hello, where do you stay?" It shrunk everything into the hard shell. By the way, I don't think it is fair to consider this as a timid response or being frightened before a danger? It must be too late to be a courageous person afterward when danger is at the tip of your nose.

And nonsense aside; It might be the awaken "sleeping turtle", and this must be a headline in the newspaper. How could I not be the first one to have discovered this? This made me running up the slope without much effort in order to confirm my hypothesis.

Sigh! It was still there sound asleep. I missed to be a hero. But it might come back faster than I was since it had the mysterious power. Didn't it?

Footnote: It is a Burmese Mountain Tortoise which is native to the mountainous regions of Southeast Asia. They are found in Myanmar, Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatera and Borneo.


Diane AZ said...

All turtles and torts, from mountain climbers to sleepers, have the mysterious power.

wiseacre said...

Headless turtles give me the creeps. Sure you don't want that kiss?

VanillaSeven said...

Maybe the turtle has left the house for a weekend holiday :)

Autumn Belle said...

Tortoise is coming out for a romp. It was in hiding mode when it sees you. I think the tortoise is waiting for the hare for a race.

Bangchik said...

I am sure that kura-kura was enjoying his walk and jog ~bangchik

Ruthi said...

I had not seen a real turtle in 5 years. All I see around here are snakes, deer, wild turkeys and chipmunks.

Glennis said...

I like the thought of a turtle racing by, time flys like.
Have a lovely day.

Cheryl said...

Perhaps the turtle is moving house! Or going on a vacation?

Harumi said...

Isn't the fact that tortoises and turtles could live for centuries is enough to proove that they're some mystifying creatures of this planet earth?

Such a cute tortoise. My first time seeing a black one too. And must commend your eyesight Rain, cuz the lil fella is in perfect camouflage with its surrounding. I'm sure you'd have given him a good shock when you said hello! lol

PS: good to see the legendary sleeping tortoise again. ^__^

Bengbeng said...

wow, u are very observant

Misalyn said...

Perhaps the tortoise wants to have a relaxing holiday, left his house (mountain) and exercise his mysterious super power:) to look for new one :)

Happy mother's day to your wife Rainfield.

Ann said...

did you check the underbelly to see if there are red Chinese words? If yes, don't touch it.

In Singapore, the pandan people if they have bad luck or bad sickness, they write the bad luck on the tortoise. They believe that if a person picks it up and takes it home, the bad luck follows the finder home.

Do they say this in Penang?

rainfield61 said...

Everyone in this universe has their mysterious power, but they don't know.
Do you know yours?

Headless turtles are less creepy than receiving an unwelcomed kiss.

Yes, it do not need to bring any luggage just for a weekend holiday.

Autumn Belle:
The hare might have waited for the tortoise at the top of Cerok Tokun. It could be a few days of sleep before seeing the tortoise again.

Kura-kura pura-pura seronoklah.

It is rare to see tortoises up here, otherwise you will have the chance to see them more often.

If time flies like the walking speed of a turtle, how nice it is.

This was what I have thought when I saw a snail last night. We can find, though very very rare, that Villagers in Malaysia still mcarry and move their house.

The tortoise received only a mild shock from me. My Hello was fulled of passion.

Will you be here the time the tortoise reach the top of Cerok Tokun.
It has been months since you have made your promise.

It left the current one and went looking for a new one, just like us.
Happy mother's day to you.

I didn't hear this before. BTW,
Chinese people simply have too many pantang-larang.

Loshini said...

shy guy, isn't he? :D

betchai said...

i haven't seen tortoise at all in my walks here, unless I really patiently wait for them in a pond, or I go to the zoo for a quickie :( love your encounter

Poetic Shutterbug said...

He's shying away from the paparazzi. That is a great closeup though. Very mysterious.

Life Ramblings said...

the tortoise is either camera shy or afraid of total strangers.

Mei Teng said...

The little fella could be asleep in its shell in the 2nd photo. Tired from the long journey...perhaps :)

Icy BC said...

Maybe it is going to be friend with the sleeping one..

Sorry I'm late in visiting, but I'm falling behind, seriously behind!

rainfield61 said...

Loshini/Life Ramblings:
As shy as me?

I never expect to see a tortoise at this place. Weird!

Poetic Shutterbug:
Yes, very mysterious. Ann maybe right that I cannot prove.

Mei Teng:
Shhhhh...don't wake it up.

Icy BC:
Good to see you at anytime. I always love to see this.

Kirigalpoththa said...

He must have come for a walk!

Ayie said...

Oh a local turtle in those countries...must have been a good day for you to spot it on your day out

Ratty said...

I think it was the sleeping turtle. Maybe it was sleepwalking.

Whatever the answer, I still like seeing it.