Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Guests, A Tailor bird Family (Part VI)

It was Saturday, May 15, 7:30 morning, the next day after the last baby bird had been escorted to the nest.

It was found leaving its home again and perched silently between the leaves. Yes, silently; both mama and papa must have gone “outstation” to prepare for the weekend feast. I did not stay too long this time. I’ll come back after my hiking at Cerok Tokun.

It was 12:30pm. I did not see the baby bird anymore. A few questions were in my mind immediately. Firstly, was the bird up in the sky now? Secondly, had it been a victim of my neighbors’ cats? Thirdly, was it still somewhere in my garden? Me and my son started combing the garden.

Ha-ha, here it was. Knowing it was safe, we went inside, peeked through the windows, and hoped to witness the fledgling process, and at the same time, to keep a close eye on those cats.

The parent came back with food for most of the time, and guided the baby for the first flight after that. Learning is a difficult process. The chick was seen climbing, hopping and falling while chasing after its parent.

A green worm enriched with protein was needed before going for another attempt.

The chick climbed up a chilly tree, adjusted its body for a comfortable position, took a deep breath, and here came the final moment. On your marks, get set, and a few flaps of its wings, the bird was gone. It never return.

There's no point now for the cats to squat at the rooftop waiting for their chances; there's no point for them to sniff around again.

And I am most happy to be relieved of the heavy and important responsibility.


Ginnymo said...

Awww! What a great ending to this little bird's story Rain! I am so happy he is safe and flying now.

Out on the prairie said...

A sigh of relief for this tiny fellow.I have a family going through this process in my yard at my feeders.

Anonymous said...

I was going goo-gaga to see the baby bird in the first photo, Rainfield. So glad you took these pictures, and the baby finally flies..

Cate said...

Cute! I can imagine the chirping this small baby made until it was fed.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Aw, Rainfield, I am so happy that the little one spread his wings yet sad the story is over. Very heartwarming :)

George said...

You got wonderful pictures of the little bird's preparations for his first flight. I'm glad that the bird got safely away.

eileeninmd said...

Lovely photos of the baby Tailor bird. I enjoyed following its progress. You did a good job looking after the baby bird until it was ready to leave.

Mike said...

Rainfield you have done well to document the birds story. Great photographs too. Sort of sad when they fledge?

Anonymous said...

Great looking bird in the 1st pic. How did you manage to get so close?

Kirigalpoththa said...

Man, such a great story! You must have a special link to this series in your main page.

Loshini said...

I truly enjoyed the birding exercise. Great pictures and wonderful narration, rainfiled! :)

Diane AZ said...

What a happy ending! I love the story of your guest Tailor family. :)

rainfield61 said...

Hi, you are thinking that this must be the last episode, right?


Ginnymo/Poetic Shutterbug:
I was the most happy person by that time. Such a relief.

Out on the prairie:
Glad to hear your side of story.

Icy BC/George:
They will certainly fly, if not today, then maybe tomorrow, or..

I am luckier than you. I witnessed by myself, but you need to imagine. LOL.

Was I a good babysitter?

Yes, though the ending is happy, sort of sad when it fledged.

Mei Teng:
Can you believe it? The baby was in front of me. I could even touch it.

Yes, done. Thanks for your suggestion.

Hopefully I have done my job, wherease Nature has done hers.

I always like a happy ending, and it must be ended happily. I have made a deal with the birds.

CH said...

Yes, you are quite lucky to have witness the whole thing.

Many many cheers.

AVCr8teur said...

So cute and happy they are safe. You must be a proud, but a little sad that your little friends have left. Perhaps they will tell their friends of your good hospitality.

Cheryl said...

I have so enjoyed following the Tailor Bird family! And indeed, a great ending to the story. The little bird was fortunate that you took such great care of him. Thanks for stopping by and as always leaving such nice comments!

Ratty said...

I'm glad the last baby bird finally learned to fly. It might have never had this chance if you had not saved it before.

Ann said...

May be you should lock up your cats and ask your neigbhours to do the same.

These birds, are they valuable?

Once when i was in Singapore, we had Burong Tiong. I should have caught it, they sell for S$400 a pair. LOL


another time, we had a hornbill

Harumi said...

Aww.. I should be happy but the story made me feel so sad. Your pics are super awesome Rain.. I totally can't comprehend how you manage to capture them in action so beautifully. Almost like you asked them to pose for you. =D

I'm happy for the lil birdie's maiden flight, or was it the 100th try? =D but whatever it is.. hope the lil one would visit you again.. and perhaps live as a tenant. ^__^

Ayie said...

cute cute birdies!!