Monday, May 10, 2010

The Night Earlier

I hiked this morning after a rainy night. I managed to have a record of the happening in the past few hours as time had shed an evidence behind.

The flying ants were all gone, back to where they were supposed to be.

Whatever have been done, there are always some traces we have left behind. I better watch out and talk less.

It is then a very short post for today, the first day of the week.


George said...

This is a nice picture of evidence left behind. I'm glad you were watching for it.

Diane AZ said...

Very interesting, I've never found little wings separate from the insects before.

Ginnymo said...

That is quite the unique photo. Wonder why it's wings got left behind? Maybe it slept too long and when the rain drops dried up it couldn't get off. The wings were stuck like glue.. You always have something for us to think about Rain. Thanks. Have a great week!

Poetic Shutterbug said...

The parted wings are very unique indeed. Great shot Rainfield.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Oh! I remembered a song by Westlife "Flying without wings"

The Retired One said...

AWESOME shot to have found those...loved it!

Ruthi said...

Nice one and indeed very interesting.

wenn said...

love yr shot!

Mei Teng said...

Some insects left their wings behind. Like people leaving footprints behind.

Ann said...

Some boys told me he used to pull off the wings of insects.

Thanks for your comment.

5 years ago, I told the whole wide world that I was half a century old. I was very proud and celebrated my birthday with a big bang. I gave me a big present by running the marathon (quarter lah). Not many 50 year old woman has a certificate and a medal for running the marathon.

Tabib said...

Termite swarmers flew to the moon and left few wings there.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Looks like the wings of winged termites..

Harumi said...

Wow.. this oughtta be a classic Sherlock Holmes mystery! lol

Beautiful capture Rain..! The setting is very unique, almost giving the vibes of a crime scene. *nope, not kidding this time*

Are they wings of a damselfly?

Icy BC said...

You capture the evidence of what was left behind..

rainfield61 said...

This is evidence that you have dropped by, but you are safe. Don't worry.

Their wings will drop very soon once the flying ants stay and walk on the ground. The are short-lived as well.

Poetic Shutterbug/The Retired One:
Glad that it is a wonder to you, though it is a norm to me.

Really? How to fly without wings?

You may have seen these when you were in your homeland. Have a nice day.

Thank you.

Mei Teng:
These flying ants often come in a swamp after a rainy evening. Haven't you seen them?

I still practice a 10km run every week in order to ensure I am always ready for the marathon.
I am aiming for the half marathon.

Tabib/Kirigalpoththa :
Termite swarmers dived to the moon in the water and left few wings there.
They might not be termites, but could be flying ants too.
Just could not verify without more evidence.

This is a classic Sherlock Holmes mystery in the jungle. Hope that he won't get lost.
They are belonged to either flying ants or flying termites. This is not concluded by Sherlock.

Everybody capture the evidence of what was left behind.
Every part of our body talks the evidence.

fufu said...

you really observe every little tiny stuff ya... good!! just like me =p hohoho

Cheryl said...

Amazing photo! I am amazed by the evidence left behind. Very fragile looking wings.

betchai said...

the picture of the wings of insects on top of the leaves is very interesting, sometimes i wonder if they grow back their wings?

Harumi said...

hehe.. the great Sherlock Holmes may never get lost. He even returned after dying once, right? =D

Really? I've heard of flying ants, but didn't know of flying termites. And yet to see both of them. =D

Ayie said...

theflying ants which we call back home as gamo gamo... you can get rid of those in your homes by placing water by the light...

beautiful shot rain!

Ratty said...

The wings are a very interesting sight. Full of mystery. A short post is just right to keep the mystery.

Cher said...

hi rainfield, dropping by here to say THANK YOU for your much needed support in my group Salitype Society & of course to my personal blogs that i have abandoned for a while. due to my very limited time, i feel pressured for returning blog comments. i may blog again soon but i have to close my comment box so that i just let my followers enjoy whatever i have to post. you think it's a cool idea? ;)

Life Ramblings said...

the left behind wings are truly one of a kind.

Sharkbytes said...

Oh, their wings are so perfect and beautiful.