Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It is Wednesday today

I thought of talking less in the mid of a hectic week, but these sprouting mushrooms invited me to talk and that I could not refuse.
I actually got myself closer to observe the big one only then I discovered the smaller mushrooms emerging from the wood. I needed to greet them a very good and fantastic day. They had gone through a very hard way; just imagine how impossible to push your head into the wood, but they had done it.

Can you see them? They were such a little charming creature wearing a deep orange shirt. Very sporty and energetic.

I needed hours to reply if each of these mushrooms talked to me. I needed lines to record down their names, but I was willing to do so. I always wish to hike after rainy nights in order to meet these beautiful little things.

I found no reason to talk less. It is Wednesday today and the blue Monday was long over.

Let’s say hi, and your single greeting to all of them is enough.


Poetic Shutterbug said...

From now on I will call you the mushroom whisperer. I've not seen mushrooms in that color. Nice shots, Rainfield.

wenn said...

wow, they look lovely!

fufu said...

soon weekend will come!!

reanaclaire said...

amazing pictures!

Out on the prairie said...

I wonder how many varieties like this exist in your climate.We have one similar called an oyster mushroom because of its shape. Do you ever find wild ones you can eat?

AVCr8teur said...

Those photos are amazing! It looks like they are sprouting up just to hear you talk.

George said...

I'm glad you stopped and talked with the mushrooms. I really like the orange ones. Great pictures!

eileeninmd said...

You always find such neat things. Love the little mushrooms and the orange colored mushroom. Great photos.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Orange mushrooms! How cool?

Mike said...

Rainfields, I guess you must be getting some rain in Penang, with all the fungi flourishing.

I have noticed here that once it rains barren land usually has a fair crop of mushrooms, although I don't know which are edible-guess the orange ones aren't?

Anonymous said...

Those orange coloured mushrooms are interesting. Have never seen any like those before.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Rainfield,

Glad that it clears away your Monday blue..........and this is interesting. Pls keep on writing.

Antho said...

Hi, Rainfield,

Glad that it clears away your Monday blue..........and this is interesting. Pls keep on writing.

Ratty said...

You are very good at finding these mushrooms. They all come out to greet you. I looked for mushrooms after the rain too, but I found nothing.

Loshini said...

Very vivid orange. And the last two remind me of little people with white helmets, crammed onto narrow paths. Wonderful pics, rainfield!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful mushrooms! The colors are just gorgeous.

You can talk as much or as little as you want, including whisper too.

Harumi said...

You always stumble upon some amazing mushrooms. Awesome pics Rain!

This is my first time seeing such a striking orange mushrooms too.. plus a whole colony of white mushrooms!

Lucky you. =D

rainfield61 said...

Poetic Shutterbug:
Mushroom whisperer? What an honour. Thank you very much.

These mushrooms are really lovely, as lovely as wenn.

soon weekend will be over!!

Thank you.

Out on the prairie:
I have not figured out how to identify whether they are edible or not.
If you volunteer, you can try and tell me later.

They are sprouting up just to hear me talking, and to be a star in my blog.

I talk to trees, I talk to mushrooms, I talk to birds, I talk to everyone in the wild.

I manage to find all these mushrooms because I appreciate them.

Really cool!

I am having a lot of rain currently in Penang. But rain never clears my mind and tells me which are edible.

Mei Teng:
I am glad to show you a new friend.

Welcome abroad. They are good medicines to cure my Monday blue. You can have some if you face the same problem.

No, these mushrooms are always there waiting for you. You must be too focus on the birds, deer or squirrels.

"And the last two remind me of little people with white helmets, crammed onto narrow paths."
It is so nice to have you adding further to my story.

I bet you must have some of them just in front of your door steps.
I can see them in your pictures.
Find them and show me.

Bengbeng said...

mushroom whisperer. that sounds like a cool name

Ruthi said...

Those orange mushrooms are gorgeous... I wonder if they glow in the dark. LOL

Diane AZ said...

I enjoyed your weird and wonderful mushrooms. To me the white ones look like tiny lanterns.

Cate said...

Very orange, do these glow in the dark I wonder?

Cheryl said...

The orange mushrooms were so striking, almost fluorescent!! They do deserve to shine brightly indeed.

Shutterchitecture said...

wow. I always see that on barks of trees and I didn't expect it to be that beautiful on cam. cool!

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

The photos of the mushrooms are beautiful.

RNSANE said...

Amazing pictures...such vibrant orange colors on the ones and the little white ones, how numerous they are! They look so tiny.

Harumi said...

No way! which pics are you talking about? =D I haven't seen a one in ages. T_T

wiseacre said...

You're such a fun-guy.

Next time look at the underside of those shelf mushroom and see if they have gills or pores.

bima kepompong said...

Nice experience, you can write your travel journey, I like it