Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Last Episode

I have posted many pictures on baby birds, they are all contributed indirectly by the adult Tailorbirds, so, how can I ignore the effort of the later during wrapping up this long series?

The adults are normally 13cm long, but always look smaller when their tail is in upright position; on the other way, my excitement definitely lasted more than this length; it traveled along the globe, en route from Malaysia, via Asia, took a turn to Asia Pacific, then a brief stop over in United Stated and Europe before coming back to Malaysia. How long do you think it is?

These birds certainly shared my excitement, and being a mama and papa, they must be even more excited than me.

"When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever", by the way, me and my guests have at least left some sweet memories behind. When we happen to see each other in future, they may know me, but I do not think I shall be able to recognize them.

Don't be sad. Bye-bye.


Out on the prairie said...

It is our sharing of lives that has made this world prosper and our lives fullfilled.Good job sharing.

Gallicissa said...

Wow! This is a superb obserational series. You have got enough photographs and actual observations to write this up to a birding magazine. Well done, Rainfield! I am impressed to see your transformation to become a fully-fledged bird watcher. :)

Ruthi said...

How sad. It's the briefest reality show ever. It's over. But then I know you will come up with new ones. Following your blog for only a month maybe... I somehow gained a little understanding of the concept. And I am really amused all the time that is why I keep coming back.

wenn said...

interesting adventure! keep it up!

rainfield61 said...

Out on the prairie:
We share not only with our groups, but also with those creatures in the wild.
We brighten each other's life.

This is only one of my days, but it is indeed a very good experience.

I am so motivated by your comment and just cannot wait to reply.
This positive energy will keep driving me, and I'll take you all everywhere I go.

Tabib said...

"And its' quite alright
And goodbye for now
Just look up to the stars
And believe who you are
Cause it's quite alright
And so long, goodbye"

So long.. Tailor family

VanillaSeven said...

Are you taking that pictures in your own yard? I saw concrete tiling and walls there!

Kirigalpoththa said...

I have a feeling that they might come again for nesting at the same place again next season :)

Harumi said...

I sincerely hope that good bye was a temporary one though. I'm sure they'd be back.

By the way... there's been these mysterious birdies that always buzz about in supersonic speeds. They appear smaller than sunbirds and much faster and agile too. They hop on thin branches with ease and even stand perpendicular to the ground without ever falling!

Thanks to your informative post I finally got to know that.. you and I are neighbors! lol Well your neighbor Tailor Birds' cousins are my neighbors.. so that's how it is. =D

Excellent series Rain! Looking forward for more stories like these. ^__^

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Rainfield, I am sorry to see this story come to an end. I so much enjoyed your photos, commentary and most of all your caring and love for this little family. I will miss it.

George said...

This has been a wonderful series with great pictures. Thanks for sharing your friends with us and I hope we can see them again.

betchai said...

though it may be over, but the memories surely will stay til forever, not only in Malaysia but across the globe through Rainfield, messenger of joy.

Ratty said...

You ended this series in the best way. Featuring the adults shows us what this is all about. They're the ones that helped you make it all happen.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures of the bird! I enjoyed this journey very much.

Ginnymo said...

What a wonderful story you gave us with these amazing little birds. Thank you Rain!

rainfield61 said...

Yes, it was an interesting encounter with these Tailorbirds.

C'mon, let's sing together.
"And its' quite alright
And goodbye for now
Just look up to the stars
And believe who you are
Cause it's quite alright
And so long, goodbye"

Yes, and I have followed them for about three weeks.

I'll then keep the nest for them.
Birds do need to know "re-cycle".

You and I are neighbours, but of a few hundreds mile apart, yet a single second in the blogosphere.

Poetic Shutterbug:
Time comes and goes, that we cannot change, but have to accept.

I forgot to name them. They will not know their name when I call them in future.

I always like to be a messanger of joy, and the joy of a simple life.

You may think the series ended one post earlier, but i refused to do so. That's why we have this last episode.

Icy BC:
Following me and you will never regret about this.

You are most welcomed.

Anonymous said...

The bird family welcoming its young must be joyous and excited like us humans.

Shutterchitecture said...

short story in pictures. very heartwarming.

Life Ramblings said...

it's hard to say goodbye but the sweet memories will forever live.

Happy Wesak Day!

Diane AZ said...

Rainfield, chances are you will see the Tailorbirds again since you were such a good host. Thank you for sharing your amazing story and photos with the world. :)

AVCr8teur said...

It has been a wonderful nature series and learning experience for us all. As the story comes to a close, I guess this means you will be back into the jungle.

Bengbeng said...

Rainfield, I am going them too just as you but they belong in the wild. It is awesome thinking that they have a big wide world out there. Survival is tough for them whereas we live in the comfort of our permanent homes.

Bengbeng said...

oops i meant to write i am going to miss them too

Loshini said...

I hope they spread the word and more feathered friends drop by your place :D

wiseacre said...

It's been great watching them grow but sad to see them leave. I've enjoyed the whole series.

eileeninmd said...

I loved following your Tailorbird story. Your photos are awesome. Thanks for sharing and the memories.

Ayie said...

for sure they will be back next year just like the blue bird that hangs around here every year