Friday, May 21, 2010

My Guests, A Tailor bird Family (Part IV)

It was 7:33AM, fourteenth of May, six days after the baby birds were first seen eagerly asking for food.

They were fully feathered and resembled a rat from the back, they were "ratty" by now. Though still opened their mouth and kept asking for food, they were ready for their first flight; from an egg, to a tiny nest, and now their world would be sky high.

"Come on, why are you looking at me like that? Am I wrong?"

But then using my simple mathematics, no matter which way I looked, I realised I could count only two. One had already gone flying in the wild, the eye of that baby bird should have told me. The day before must have recorded the end of my day with one of the baby Tailorbirds.

And both of them might disappear at anytime before I returned home from work.

What would happen to any one of them during the next few hours?


Sharkbytes said...

What great pics. That "eye within the eye" shot is great.

Loshini said...

They grow up a lot faster than us humans, no? Beautiful shots..

Out on the prairie said...

It will be goodbye to your little friends, maybe they will stay close and watch you.One nuthatch we caught while banding birds came back 3 years in a row to the same place.

George said...

These are wonderful pictures of the new babies. It would be nice if they stayed around long enough for you to say goodbye and get a picture of their first flight!

Ruthi said...

I am really loving it. I am a big fan of your "bird reality show" wink* Can't wait what will be posted next. Keep them coming. Have a wonderful weekend.

Ginnymo said...

How wonderful to be able to view these baby birds!! great photos Rain!!

Poetic Shutterbug said...

What amazing shots, Rainfield. The eye to behold - fantastic. It is so cool you are able to chronicle this story. I enjoy it so much.

Anonymous said...

Wow..I love those peeking through the nest photos! The baby do grow up so fast. Have a great weekend, with your family!

Diane AZ said...

What a miracle that they can fly so soon after hatching. Maybe you will see them again if they come around your house looking for food or for a place to build another nest.

VanillaSeven said...

How fast they grew! I hope you still can captured their last moment before they left the nest!

wiseacre said...

Nice series with some cool photos. The nest is cool, the hungry hungry chicks are cool and you being a Godfather is cool too :)

rainfield61 said...

I am happy you can see that eye within the eye that my eye fails to see that eye.

They grow fsater, they "leave" faster. They'll come faster.

Out on the prairie:
Someone actually eyed on me while I was following the little chick those few days.
I'll tell you later.

If I am able, I refuse to say goodbye.

Wow, you are a big fan of my little blog.


Happy Sunday.

It is as wonderful as to view your little zoo. I love your little zoo.

Poetic Shutterbug:
The story is coming to its climax.Stay tune.

Icy BC:
Have a great Sunday. The eye is still peeking at you.

I have tried very hard, I never see them again. They maybe hide behind leaves of those trees in my garden.

I shall and you will know in my next post. Will we see them again?

I have been looking for you for a long time, and you are actually down here.


CH said...

It must be so fun to follow these babies for so many days.

It is so fun to follow your stories for these few days.

Harumi said...

"they were "ratty" by now.." lol

Your pics are becoming more and more phenomenal Rain. They take us right away to the doorstep of that lil nest.

The 2nd pic is quite mysterious, do I sense the lil birdie grumbling and glaring at you? lol

PS: Hope you'll get to say goodbye least to these two.

Ratty said...

Spread your wings, little Tailor Birds. It's so fun to watch this all happen.

betchai said...

gosh, so beautiful Rainfield. like Sharkbytes, i am really awed at the "eye within the eye" shot.

RNSANE said...

Well, rainfield, I'm sure you're going to miss your tenants but, who knows, maybe mama and papa will return next year. Thanks for the pictoral peek into their lives.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Those are awesome shots of the little nest!

Bengbeng said...

it blows my mind that they r able to leave the nest so soon. great pics n great post this one.i have been following this series like a show on tv. concerned abt the birds' safety

Anonymous said...

You are wrong.I am Benghui.You are not Benghui.You copycat me.I look handsome? :)

AVCr8teur said...

Sorry to hear one of your friends have already left without saying goodbye. It must be hard for you to leave the nest now.