Friday, November 14, 2008

Macau, in my eye

I arrived at Macau from Hong Kong using Turbo Jet service.
The queue was quite long, it took me around 2 hours to be on

Either bus or taxi service is as convenience as what is in Hong Kong.
But for a free and easy traveller, I spent most of the time walking
around, searching for the fascinated Portuguese architecture.

I received a surprise welcome

Early morning strolling around

Wake up early to catch up the morning scene,
I wandered around the Monte Fortress.

Monte Fortress looks very similar to Fort Cornwallis back
home in Penang. The only difference is Monte Fortress is a
Portuguese Fortress whereas the later is built by British.
Penang was once a British Colony.

View from Monte Fortress

View from Monte Fortress

a lonely photographer

A peaceful corner at Monte Fortress

Ruins of St. Paul's

Ruins of St. Paul's

Ruins of St. Paul's

Rear view of Ruins of St. Paul's

The Ruins of St Paul's Cathedral rank as the most photographed
site in Macau. What is left standing is actually the facade of the
church of the Blessed Virgin, built in 1580 and severely damaged
by fire in 1835.

Senado Square is another wonderful place for photo shooting.

Senado Square, day

Senado Square, day

Senado Square, day

Senado Square, day

Senado Square, night

Senado Square, night

Furniture Shop

Taipa is a place famous for foods and cookies.

I took the famous Durian flavoured ice cream. It was weird with this
out from Malaysia, in Macau.
Durian is a tropical fruit. It is named "King of the Fruit". This tells
how Malaysian loves it. But for a foreigner, it may be the other way round.

Taipa road scene

Auto stamp selling machine

Another adventurous site to go is Macau Tower where
you can enjoy either Bungee Jump, jumping off from the tower
or skywalking on the exterior of tower top.

yes, why live on the edge if you can jump off

Skywalk on the outside of cold Tower.
Background is the night light of Macau city

Before saying good bye to Macau, I managed to have a few shots at
Venetian Macau Hotel

I am not a gambler. I did not spent any time in
any one of the casino. But until now, I am still saying that
one and a half day stay in Macau is not enough.

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•°°• IcyBC •°°• said...

This must had been a fantastic trip for you and your family.

Love the shots of St. Paul's church or whatever left of it..and I can't stand the smell of durian. I get an instant headache.