Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hiker is not a runner, for today Penang Bridge Run

I did not participated in this morning Penang Bridge International Marathon.
I took part in 10km Fun Run category during last year.
The whole bridge was totally closed for traffic by then.
It was as packed as canned Sardine since more than 10 thousands people took part.
Instead, I go for my husband-and-wife weekly routine, Cerok Tokun Hike.
The 2 available car parks are full as usual. That is, many hikers are not runners.
I took the usual mountain trek. It was cool and more heartbeating.
mountain trek
Beautiful natural cool art
Lonely hiker
Less people use mountain trail. Most of them prefer to use tar road.
Tar road is not so taxing for elder citizens, ladies and little children.
But actually we are not so lonely. Naughty monkeys tend to jump
from one branch to another, creating some noises in this
quite and calm environment.
Sometimes I wonder, do the monkeys ever fail to jump over?
Monkey of another species
There are exercise facilities prepared on the stop-for-a-rest
site. Umbrellas are also available for any unexpected rain fall.
sometimes people sleep for a while before continue for further journey
1, 2 ,3 ,4 ,5....I'll lift for 20 times for a balance exercise
Am I right? Need to get both hands and legs to work for a
balance work out
Get out from the end of mountain trail, awaiting for me is
the full moon behinds the trees.
Not windy as for today, but the warm sunlight is so
Stop for a chat
Mountain biking is now getting more popular. And
competition is designed in such a way that tar road is used
for upward trail and down hill trail is on the unpaved environment.
Fern leaf
Nice view


subrayoga said...

Was this the 1st time you brought your camera together when hiking? Also were to only one with the camera on that day? Subra

rainfield61 said...

when I bought my Canon 1000D, I tried to shot mushroom over here in order to compare with Nikon.
I am not the only one.
I remember I saw one guy brought along one. An auntie commented this was his fisrt trip to Cerok Tokun

cookies said...

Great shot and nice place :)

Ratty said...

I like places like the mountain trail better than a tar road. We don't have monkeys where I live. I always enjoy seeing photos of them.

Yaseen Abbas said...

That place is perfect for trekking and for cycle tour its amazing.