Sunday, November 23, 2008

Life Illusion

I was on my way from downtown, via Jelutong Highway,
to Penang Bridge, heading towards my home yesterday.
I saw :
A smooth traffic on the middle span. It was suppose to be, on Saturday

A simple life

Cloudy, but mother nature gave us the coolness

I mean, there was a presentation of peacefulness,
harmony and relaxation.

All these are views on my left hand side.
Actually, right in front of me, there was a long queue.
A very heavy traffic jam which took me one and half hours
to travel through 2km.
Drove and braked continously
We always tell one side of paper is black in colour,
but actually people on the other side see white.
We always present good results and achievement in our
report, and camouflage the failure.
The stories may go on and on.
Is this an "illusion of life"?


Rose Ragai said...

Hmm..i think it is true that's why in life we have to look at both sides the black and white side. Nice post..:)

Footsteps said...

Wonderful writing (and photos)! I think it's always a matter of perception. You can delight in the good or be dismayed by the difficult. Personally, I ALSO like finding the reasons to smile!

•°°• IcyBC •°°• said...

I like the view on the side better than the view in front..It's very peaceful and pretty!