Sunday, November 2, 2008

Kellie's Castle in Batu Gajah, Malaysia

Kellie's Castle

Route map: from Gopeng to Kellie's Castle
If you admire the Ruins of St Paul's, Macau, come to visit Kellie's Castle, Batu Gajah which is about a 12-minute drive and 13km from Gopeng.
Window structure and design
Who was Kellie?
Kellie's Castle is built by a Scottish Planter, William Kellie Smith in the 20th century.
The manor sat on a little knoll just by the bend of Sungai Kinta (Kinta River) that used to be a rubber estate.
The Moorish styled building
Remains of building
Remains of building

Let explore this hidden site for photo shooting
The Spanish flu which spread from Europe to Asia had killed many workers in the Kellas Estate. This caused William Kellie Smith lost a lot of money and brought an abrupt end to the construction of the castle.
William Kellie Smith himself died of pneumonia during a short trip to Portugal in 1926. His wife, Agnes, sold her interest in the Kellas Estate and returned home to Scotland.
The remains in daylight
There were tunnels underneath the castle. Many stories relate to William Kellie Smith are still lingered around.
"He" visits his dreamed home frequently.
If you dare and are lucky enough, you may meet him in the
Interesting tips:
1. The film Anna and the King used Kellie's Castle as a setting
back in 1999.
2. Since you plan to visit Kellie's Castle, you can have Tim Sum
as breakfast, Salted Chicken(盐焗鸡) as lunch and 芽菜鸡as
dinner at Ipoh.

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