Friday, November 7, 2008

How to save money during recession?

(After I have published this post, data from StatCounter shown search engine phrases used to visit my web page is "IBM layoff" and "Cadence layoff" which contribute to 60% of total.
The world is sick. The economy is sick)

.....ST-NXP Wireless has announced plans to reduce its global workforce by about 500 people, including subcontractors, from its current total of more than 7,500 people.

….. Advanced Micro Devices Inc (AMD) confirmed 500 job cuts across its global operations as part of its larger effort to reduce the company's breakeven to $1.5 billion a quarter. The move follows a 1,650 employee reduction announce in April.

….. IBM has confirmed that its Essex Junction Vt. facility has cut about 100 temporary manufacturing employees

….. Cadence Design Systems Inc has announced plans to cut 625 full-time positions, representing 12% of its global employee base, plus an unspecified "substantial number" of contractors and consultants in an effort to save $150 million.

… carries out survey on impact cause by the global economic downturn to individual.

News on "lay off" is heard almost everyday.

We have reached a stage that every single cent saving counts. Where to have this single cent coming from?

Our government is going to reduce Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) contribution by employee from 11% to 8%.
Government is encouraging us to spend more. Weird. Can this extra spending help the market? I do not know. But I do know that this will hurt the retirement plan later.

In order to sustain my yearly plan on travelling, (Chinese old saying tells us to travel 10,000 miles after finished reading 10,000 books), I need to plan out something.

But how can I squeeze out money for saving during this recession and inflation period?

1. My son can draw Pokemon very well. Can I sell these through website?
Claydol (the elder of Baltoy)
Camerupt (the elder of Numel)
Is anybody interested on these original kid drawings?
Pokemon can knock out Bear Market.

2. Myself do not possess any special skill.
.....I have to search help from website on how to earn more money through Absense.
(but in result I am confused by what is page impression, click, CTR, eCPM and so on)
.....I have to search for free sites to enable my website to be easy searchable by everybody.
.....I have to meta tag my web page.
.....I have to improve the traffic visiting my website
.....I have to think deeply how to place my ads thus to attract people to click on them

Oohh!! All these skew towards very excessive Cyber Tech. I have to be practical.

.....I have to unplug all electrical plugs from unused switches.
Professional says this can save up to 10% of electricity.
.....I have to reduce the frequency of opening refrigerator
door for something during following Barclays Premier league.
.....I have to reduce the timer for my room air conditional unit from 4 to 2 hours.
.....I have to drive my car to and from work with natural air conditioning.
.....I have to, but cannot, replace my car with a motorbike as my wife
worries about my road safety especially on road bullies and bag snatchers.
.....I have to keep my newly received factory T-shirt as my New Year wearing.

3. List is too short but running out of idea. Target is not yet met.
Anybody can suggest anymore?


Chen Chow said...

Great that you write this article to share on ways to save, during this tough time.

Thanks for highlighting the survey by too! Hopefully, with the responses that we get, we would be able to advise fellow Malaysians better on the current job situation in the country.

subrayoga said...

Buy a digital camera, you save the money on "developing" the film and printed photos.

You just spend one it true?


Harumi said...

Aww.. thanks a lot Rain! Those are such cute drawings.. but how could you try to sell them and make money! lol

Cool, amusing post too about recession. Hope the situation has turned better by now.