Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Interaction With Sky

My joyfulness at Cerok Tokun last weekend has enlightened me to search for new wonder that I have never done before. It happened when I was watching the sky, pondering upon why this and why that, and starting to murmur on the silent trail.

The morning sun was less glaring but yet not friendly to be pictured.

The sky was static in term of minutes in comparison to the critters that jumped or flied here and there, and this was good enough for me to experiment on my camera with different settings in order to have a friendly interaction with the morning sun.

We communicated, rectified problems and re-tried, my giant star had finally posed a few nice shots, with exposure time set at 1/640 sec. He looks gentle in one of them which turns out to be the first picture you are seeing, if you are not, then he must be too humble to be noticable.

He suggested to adapt a new pose whereby I could exhibit his fatherhood. I did not aware the result turned out to be far more better than I had expected, not until I reached home for a review under a bigger screen.

I can feel the rays of sunshine, other than seeing them. I was so glad to be there, inspired by him and able to share with you.

This was my interaction with sky, in the camera way, and yours may be in some different manners, but they will meet at the same end, I wish.


Ginnymo said...

Nice post Rainfield!! Love your photos. I sometimes will take pictures of the sun behind the clouds or just nice clouds.

Icy BC said...

Love your photos of sky! The second one has such beautiful colors..

Kelvin said...

nice photos:) i will not leave silently haha clicked ur ads:)
Click mine too:)

Harumi said...

Gloomy sky.. yet cheerful photos. ^__^

It was a lil tough to spot the sun in the 1st pic, but my guess is it's around that top patch of pastel cream shade on the sky. =D

And ya, the 2nd pic is a classic one. Think I can slightly spot the subtle traces of diverging sunbeams. And that indigo mountain range adds a fine contrast to the pic.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Great photos rainfield..! The second one is superb with the blue mountains faraway.

betchai said...

i am glad you did a friendly interaction with the morning sun, both pictures showed your communication. love them. in the first picture, my guess is the sun is the pastel ( or kind of white) clouded spot at the top. the 2nd one is very lovely, like what they say, a classic.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Very nice. I love the second shot. It has a heavenly feel to it. Great job.

rainfield61 said...

Ginnymo: The sky watch shows us variaties of image which are very inspiring.

Icy BC: I have noticed this after I reached home. It was a good experience indeed.

Kelvin: Thanks.

Harumi: You are perfectly right and you have a better description on the sky. Thanks.

Kirigalpoththa: You have many beautiful shots as well. cheer to each other.

betchai: You are right, and everybody in the blogospehre inspires me somehow or other to write or picture more.

Poetic Shutterbug: You hit to the right point, heavenly feel. I like this.

Ratty said...

The Sun must like you and your camera very much. He used the clouds to hide his glare so you could get these excellent pictures of him and his sky.

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Awesome photos! I really love watching the skies, especially on twilight zone.
I am happy to be here in your blog, rainfield. :)

Harumi said...

Really? that was kinda fun guessing where the sun is. =D

oh and you're welcome.. but I should be the one to thank since you're sharing lotsa wonderful pics and narrations. ^__^

Mei Teng said...

I always enjoy watching the sky but lately not much clear blue skies with white puffy clouds. Mostly hazy and grey and very hot.

Last night the moon was up full and bright against the dark night sky.

CH said...

You have awesome views at Cerok Tokun. These are really eye openers, and telling me to communicate with the nature more often.

rainfield61 said...

Ratty: I enjoy the most in the morning when the Sun is gentle and I shall never feel that burning sensation.

Grace: Welcome to MyJourney. Now the sky is belonged to you as well.

Harumi: I did not expect it happened to be a guess game. ^__^. BTW, let's enjoy.

Mei Teng: I was able solely becasue of the heavy rain earlier. The haze came back now again.

CH: Interact with the Nature is really fantastic. There are wonder waiting for us..

Heather Dugan (Footsteps) said...

I love the depth of your appreciation for our sensational world. Thanks for another great post.

The Retired One said...

Ooooo.....I love the second one with the mist! Just wonderful!

Willie said...

I rarely interact with nature. Maybe next time, i should.

rainfield61 said...

Heather Dugan: How we appreciate our world will then determine what we shall receive from her, or how we shall feel towards her. It is sensational, as you have said.

The Retired One: It is wonderful just because you love it.

Willie: If you start the interaction, you'll then live differently. (lol)

mabel low said...

By the way, what camera are you using?

rainfield61 said...

Hi Mabel Low: Welcome. I'm using Canon 1000D.