Saturday, July 4, 2009

Behind the beauty

The visibility of distant view is yet to return to normal during these haze conditions. I have a few pictures showing aeriel views between the woods, thought of keeping them until I can get some better one when the sky is clearer, somehow my patience fails again.

Paddy field is one of the scenic point along the trail, but only visible to those who trek almost to the top. As the trail winds its way up the hill, I can enjoy different views at different points.

Behind the beauty, there are some damages which are either happening silently inside the jungle or are made known to us openly.

(The forest fires which are the root causes of haze are a regular occurrence during the dry season in every year, with timber and plantation firms often blamed for deliberately starting fires to clear land).

This landslide is not a new occurance; though the bare body never shies us away, but does expose itself to the vigorous touches of winds and rains.

Damages can be done in many ways to our nature. She may look gorgeous, but she is fragile at the same time, yet we are as minute as an ant, when embracing by her.


rainfield61 said...

This post sounds serious but it can't be blamed; it was written in my office after a long day of work in this beautiful Saturday. Ah....

Icy BC said...

It just shows that you really care about our earth..

betchai said...

you are very correct Rainfield, nature may look gorgeous, but also very fragile, that she needs also our cooperative effort to preserve its resources. and very true, we are also as minute as an ant compared to her forces. thanks for this awareness post.

Harumi said...

Wow.. very nicely put Rain, and surely the topic needs a touch of seriousness. Also sad to know that haziness was due to bushfire..

Hope authorities will take all measures to prevent them. And ya.. nature is indeed fragile, though it gives us everything to support our lives. So now it's our turn to support her. ^__^

Thanks for sharing the info n the pics.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Recently I heard one forest fire in SL too. Not a very common one here. Not a common thing for tropics at all.

Sad to hear such fires occur in beautiful Penang due to human interactions.

If not for the haze this would have been much better scenery.

Landslides are quite common in SL. The main reason again is clearing forests and exposing the top layer of soil.

Thanks for the post and I agree that you need to do a few serious posts once in a while..

Ratty said...

We have forest fires here on our west coast every year. Sometimes it is from nature, and other times it is man made. Both can be either good or bad.

We humans are in a lot of ways like ants. If we are alone, nature is our master. If we are in large groups, we can control nature, and even destroy it.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Yes, we like to think that things stay the same, but nature is always changing. Sometimes the changes are pushed along by others.

Mei Teng said...

The landslide's caused by some kind of development in the area?

rainfield61 said...

Icy BC: Woh!!! Just came back from my hike of the week. My girl friend is very beautiful this early morning after a rainy night.

betchai: I found the post is a little too bored. The link explained well why haze has happened. The government is hopeless to control this.

Harumi: This haze is a yearly affair. We were forced to wear mask 10 years ago due to the seriousness.

Kirigalpoththa: The forest fires did not occur in Penang, but in the neighbour country. We have to face it thanks to the strong wind.

Ratty: Man made disasters are kind of shameful, especially the haze. What to do except to accept it.

Sharkbytes: Nature continues to change, mostly due to the destructive efforts of mankind.

Mei Teng: This landslide was due to land erosion, which was a natural disaster, or partly due to the building of the tar road?