Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Babbling, Wednesday

When looking back to the trail after hiking for these years, I asked myself how far I have travelled. Will I reach The Grand Canyon, Michigan or Sri Lanka one day? But am sure, however, I have covered more than the distance to Singapore, Bangkok or Philippines.

I do not need the help of a rope now, but who knows how the next day will be . It is not easy to climb up this far, that's why most people try to use the alternate way.

But it is a quiet path at which I find little little wonder, and to share out most of them, but to keep one or two as secrets to myself. Who knows these secrets may not be secrets anymore some days to come, they simply pop out like what the mushroom does. It is pale and dull.

But I like brighter stories, as bright as the flowers buds, ready to bloom. There are then countless of wonder between the petals.

At the time I shall reach The Grand Canyon, you will be rich with bags of mushrooms and flower buds.


George said...

This section of the trail looks very steep. Are you going up the hill, or down? Even the mushroom looks pretty, even if it is dull. But the flower is beautiful.

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

If you journey too long through swamps and paddy field not only will you be rich with bags of mushroom and senduduk buds but load of leeches as well ... the locals will call them pacat, the little ones, and lintah the bigger ones.... haha.

Stay high, rainnie.

Nice trail indeed.

~ bangchik

Kirigalpoththa said...

At this rate, you will reach Grand canyon soon :)

Tabib said...

Wow!, that Senduduk (Melastoma sp.)shot is beautiful.

The Retired One said...

Nice shots and nice thoughts!
If you make it to Michigan, make sure you get to BOTH parts of Michigan...!!
Mine is the most northern part called the Upper Peninsula (U.P.)
You won't be disappointed!

Ratty said...

I would like the trail that has to be climbed too. If you ever get here, Michigan might look very much like home to you. It is also divided into two parts, like Malaysia. And it is also a peninsula, like the upper half of your country.

Cher said...

you are gettin' there. i don't mind having your loads of mushrooms and lots of pretty flowers. ;-)

betchai said...

oh, thank you so much for brightening my day Rainfield, I can't help myself but laugh at your post, love your sense of humor. No, I do not mind at all being showered with mushrooms and flower buds, and your shot of the flower bud is so beautiful, love the dew drops there.

like what Kirigalpoththa had said, "at this rate, you will be in Grand Canyon soon".

Anonymous said...

What's that purple flower? The colour's so vivid.

rainfield61 said...

George: I use this trail during the ascending, but opt for the tar road during the return trip.

Bangchik and Kakdah: Not only on the swamps and paddy field, I find leeches on my hiking trail. They stand upright, in the middle of the pathway.

Kirigalpoththa: I see,then I may come reach Grand Canyon again someday if i work harder.

Tabib: Senduduk is not beautiful at the time I took the picture. It become prettier after I have kept them, grow them in my hard disk. I do not know how it changed.
This is the reason why I never show the picture earlier.

The Retired One: Sorry, I heard I have overshot Michigan. See you in my next trip.

Ratty: I should feel like home sweet home at Michigan if not for the winter.

Cher: This is the first bag, more to come. lol.

betchai: I would like to think we brighten each of our life. I love to travel with you in your blog, especially the latest one on the simple life.

Mei Teng: I am a "flower-blind", so I am no expert to know its name. But thanks to Bangchik and Kakdah and Tabib, it is senduduk.

CH said...

I do not see many flowers at Cerok Tokun, but you manage to capture those few in such a beautiful manner.
I love your Porterweed too.

Icy BC said...

The trail looks very steep, and I would be the first one to give up! The mushroom and the flower must be a joy to see on a hike though..

maricar said...

Hello rainfield61!

"Terima kasih"! for your comments, some of the words i've learned when we travelled in your country Malaysia in Penang, Butterworth, George Town, Malacca and Kuala Lumpur way back 2007, great country!

You remind me of our friend from George Town, he loves nature too, he took us to a nature Park, with a man made forest (sorry forgot the name) his name is Mr. Jimmy.

I really love your pics of mushrooms and flowers ;) i would love someday to comeback there and go hiking with you ;)

Anonymous said...

I think you and the mountain have a bond that cannot be separated. The trail looks steep but if it's seldom used then it's a special treat for you. Hope you make it to the Grand Canyon soon!


Poetic Shutterbug said...

That trail looks very steep and difficult. I admire you for your strength on these trails. If you climb high enough you just may reach that pot of gold. That flower bud photo is extraordinary.

Harumi said...

Wow.. what a contrast I see between each pics. Who wouldn't want a daily dose of such a surprise or two.. and must say your post was really interesting too.. =D

But ya, the path looks really hard to hike.. still it's worth a try.. isn't it?

Bengbeng said...

i can imagine the trail will bcome muddy if it rains. i like the flower most..third pic.. but i am like that.. i like conventional colourful stuff..brightens up the day

rainfield61 said...

CH: Yes, they are parts of my wonder.

Icy BC: No pain no gain. I ma not going to give up my treasure. Come on, cheers.

maricar: "Sama-sama" (same to you). Georgetown is a beautiful town. We can go hiking up Penang Hill. We can go trekking at Botanical Garden. Wow, so nice.

thecaffeinatedtraveller: I always gream of Grand Canyon. Maybe one day....

Poetic Shutterbug: I do hope there are really a pot of gold up there, then, you will have bags of mushrooms, flower buds and gold.

Harumi: They are one after another, and is challenging. I like challenges. FUN!!

Bengbeng: I won't use the trail during raining day. It is very slippery.

Heather Dugan ("Footsteps") said...

I'd love to hear your take on the Grand Canyon. Keep walking...(and swimming, maybe?)

Kengkaru Kong said...

i miss that "senduduk tree" (last pic)