Friday, July 31, 2009

Gateway to My Wonderland

I thought I should run short of story some days to come; my camera simply refused to talk the story in some of the days, it was not excited at all. But now I am still writing, or murmuring, in this midnight. I am surviving, "the pot of golds" is driving me, and Cerok Tokun continues to provide me with hint after hint on new wonder.

There is a gateway which was newly formed by a thunderstorm on my hiking trail and it leads the way to an adventure in my Wonderland. I would like to tell, though I followed to no rabbit hole, I descended very slowly down a tunnel lined with creeping plants and vines into a beautiful garden.

I then found a field of porterweeds; I was too overwhelmed by all the flowers, and only managed to talk about one.

The little purple buds apperaed small at the top, sprouted up in the middle, and fully bloomed at the next look. A bug was found sort of practicing meditation, so cool and calm, and I could not differentiate which was its head or tail. Anyhow I could not confirm this at the other end since I was beside a steep slope.

I proceeded further to discover some yellow flowers with smiling faces were inviting me. Luckily I saw no living playing cards nor the Queen who ordered "Off with their heads!". I saw only little unknown insect. It was harmless.

As I walked further, I found myself was back to civilization. The good journey was short, and my journey in the Wonderland had to come to an end.

This is another bag of flowers for you, and they are my pot of golds.


WiseAcre said...

Hope you find that pot of gold - just don't mess with a leprechaun to get it.

Thanks for the bag of flowers.

Mother Goose said...

Your journey into Wonderland gave you some beautiful pictures. I saw Alice lounging by a stream. She tries to stay away from the Queen of Hearts too.

Kirigalpoththa said...

I love that gateway! :)

VanillaSeven said...

Thank's for the beautiful bags of flowers rainfield :)

The gateway looks mysterious but exciting!

Poetic Shutterbug said...

That gateway is very inviting. Your pot of gold awaits at the end of a beautiful journey.

Bengbeng said...

how i would love to go trekking with u. but i doubt i am up to it in terms of fitness. u see so much beauty in yr trails

Icy BC said...

Aah..that was generous of you to share your bag of gold! I just love those flowers, and they are unique!

Ginnymo said...

That is a very intriguing gateway you have found there. The flowers are beautiful. I love that bug! I like how you tell your stories. Have a nice weekend! And thanks for all your comments on my posts!

Ratty said...

Those flowers are as good as gold. Wonderland is a beautiful place. It takes a very special person like you, who can really appreciate it, to be able to find it.

Cher said...

thanks for the bag of flowers! though i have them in my collection too, i find them unique coming from you!

rainfield61 said...

Wiseacre: The leprechaun must not have the interest in my pot of gold, he will then find bags of flowers instead.

Mother Goose: It is so good to follow Alice to the Wonderland, though I have not mentioned her name in the post.

Kirigalpoththa: You must have done so, gateway to Wonderland.

VanillaSeven: You are most welcome. They are free anyway.

Poetic Shutterbug: Everytime I go, there is always new discovery. I am going to share something very interesting in my next post.

Bengbeng: My son asked his mom this morning, "how can dad hike in the rain?" If you go with me, you will be rated "insane" too.

Icy BC: They are yours every each time you pay a visit to my blog.

Ginnymo: I like to travel with stories, hope they will not bore you.

Ratty: I think many of us do find the Wonderland at Cerok Tokun, everyone seems to enjoy hiking so much in the rain. I just help to write all these in the blog.

Cher: I do understand. Each restaurant may serve similar dish, each of these is very unique by itself too.

betchai said...

the pot of gold is in your find, love your wonderland and the flowers. the kind of gold that will last us a lifetime.

George said...

I'm glad you found the gateway to Wonderland and were able to capture the pot of gold with your camera. The single purple flower is beautiful as well.

CH said...

I hiked today. I tried to follow your mind trek. I realised there were some differences in comparison to my previous hiking. The feeling is great.

Sharodindu said...

Nice photographs with fantastic lines...thanks for sharing!

rainfield61 said...

betchai: Rain is pouring down at this momemt. I shall collect my pot of gold by next week again.

George: You will see many more after the Gateway to Wonderland.

CH: Glad to hear from you with different perception.

Sharodindu: Thanks for your visit.

Harumi said...

It's funny but I feel the gateway looks good for a horror movie..! Like you could say there's some evil monster lurking behind the dark patch, waiting for its prey... =D Nah really.. it does give off that kinda mysterious vibe.. you gotta be daring to go through it. ^__^

The purple flower and the bug looks beautiful. You always seem to find some unusual flowers, the ones that bloom right in the middle of a stem..! =D And those yellow flowers, I think we've a variation of them here which has the same shape but looks more yellowish.. don't know their name though.