Saturday, August 14, 2010


I have an incredible discovery: I own a magical umbrella!

Everyone knows that both grasshoppers and butterflies are hyper active critters. They are quick to move away whenever we get nearer to them.

I brought along my umbrella during my hiking these two weeks. In order to free my hands for the camera, I had to put it down on the floor. A grasshopper and a butterfly were purposely kept underneath in two separate occasions.

Here come the magic. Both of them are somehow mesmerized. They stayed as quiet as a fast asleep baby under my powerful umbrella. I moved my umbrella, I moved myself, and I moved my camera, but they never moved themselves.

In order to confirm that my hypothesis was right, I shook the surrounding grasses, and I tried blowing air and the rain drops. Wow, they were certainly mesmerized.

"xyz747+-x¸§¨©ª«¬­®¯!@#$%*, do enjoy your day under my umbrella. You will be very safe over here.”


Anonymous said...

Those are mesmerizing critters. You have that magical touch with them, rainfield.

Grass said...

I'm mesmerized by the nature as well as your skill.....:-)

Diane AZ said...

I am so mesmerized by your grasshopper and butterfly images that I find it hard to look away. Amazing!

fufu said...

very nice close-up!!!! mesmerized :)

VanillaSeven said...

Sounds like you singing rainfield, under your umbrella.. ella.. ella..

The Retired One said...

What a wonderful trick to get them to stay there! You are a wonder, Rainfield!!!

Tes said...

Amazing capture, Rainy! :)

silent moments said...

i think its you who mesmerises the critters.. :)

Sharkbytes said...

That is a very magical umbrella! Perhaps they all like the shade.

Kilauea Poetry said...

First of all, I enjoy those feelers-nice close ups indeed! My, the second one looks just like the maker fixed jewels on those wings! Thanks for the peek-

wenn said...

so cool of them!

George said...

Where can I get one of those magical umbrellas? I would like to get some macros of nature as wonderful as the macros you get.

Ann said...

Here I tell you why I don't eat wild boar.

Once upon a time, Sarawak was a peaceful country. Then they made us join Malaysia. The country no longer became peaceful. The North Kalimantan liberation Army aka the communists started fighting the Malay soldiers in the jungle.

People reported that wild boars and deers were eating the corpses of the communists shot dead by the soldiers. For a long time, Sarawakians did not dare to eat the meat of these two animals. So I don't eat.

I only teased you the sayangness of your letting your wild boar go. In fact, it is no sayang to me since i don't eat.

I like seafood, so if you catch mud crabs, Then I feel really sayang I can't eat it.

Frieda said...

Those are amazing pictures!
I wish I had such an umbrella, too :-)

Bengbeng said...

amazing feat ... wonderful

Mabel Low said...

Good one! I find it to be rather difficult to capture 'em flyin' insects. Especially the buzzing bees. o.0 Good shots by the way! :D

rainfield61 said...

Icy BC:
I can transfer my power through the cyberspace and am willing to pass you some if you love to have.

Oh oh, you will follow me...

Have not seen your desert for some days. You need to be alert, and not to be mesmerized by them.



The Retired One:
You may want to try this. It is very effective.

Oh thanks.

silent moments:
It should be great..

You are analyzing in a scientific way, that may work.

Kilauea Poetry:
They are many similar butterflies in your garden. Go catch a few and you can have many jewels.

You're cool too,

That must be great to see your macros. Please do not let me keep waiting for too long.

What a story.
Luckily we do no have any
fight in the jungle anymore.

Then I'll auction my magical umbrella online. Wait for your bid.


Mabel Low:
It is not really difficult to capture these critters under my umbrella. it is a wonder.

CH said...

You are good, Rainfield.

You take good pictures, and you have the power to mesmerize critters.

Try to mesmerize me....

Cheryl said...

They were both mesmerized by you!

ruthi said...

I need to get myself that magical umbrella too. Rain transforms our backyard into something magical too but I can't go outside to take photos because I am afraid that I will ruin my camera.

Your photos are awesome.

Anonymous said...

Maybe those insects thought the umbrella was a nice big shade where they felt safe so they didn't move away.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Fantastic shots. Rainfield, you never cease to mesmerize me.

Kirigalpoththa said...

I'm mesmerized too :)

eileeninmd said...

Rainfield, these are awesome closeup of your umbrella critters. They must have felt safe under the protection of the umbrella. Neat captures.

Ratty said...

You have a magic umbrella. I wish they had a magic umbrella store where I live.

Harumi said...

They might be zombies! lol

Just kidding. Awesome shots. I wish the critters over here too can be nice enough to stay still and pose for a shot. They move too fast. -__-