Thursday, August 12, 2010

Delicious Rambutan

I always hesitate to make a decision when provided with too many choices. This happens too to a Brown-throated Sunbird. It looks skeptical in front of an abundance of Rambutan fruits, although never takes too long to settle down.

Once get started, it never stops; I wonder how big its stomach is for an hour long eating.

There is actually another one staying behind the fruits. They reciprocate their head in a same manner for all the time. I follow them in this same place for this one hour without any hesitation.

It must be feeling very satisfied when it is finally done and is too lazy or heavy to move around, except singing occasionally. This is its day.

And this is my Sunday morning during when I further my ability to see beauty in order to prevent from growing old.

I shall never hesitate to do so again and again. How about you?


Mike said...

Rainfield nice shots, fresh Rambutan and Sun-birds.

Are the fruit in your garden?

Kirigalpoththa said...

Rambuttan season in Sri Lanka has come to its end now. During July we had plenty of juicy Rambuttans :)

silent moments said...

wow! i would say that is a very tasty set of pics...we are also at the latter part of Rambutan season here and I happen to be a die hard fan of the fruit. that bird is really lucky for being let to feed at its hearts content :)

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Lucky bird to have juicy rambutan for snack. It been years since I had any rambutan. Nice picture.

VanillaSeven said...

Send me one stack rainfield, looks delicious :)

ruthi said...

I miss rambutan. We have a couple of trees in our front yard and the fruit is so sweet. The tree is short and we don't have to climb it to get the fruit. I just pick it straight from the tree. Nice photo and you got a bonus... the bird.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Did the bird eat the rambutan?

Icy BC said...

Fresh rambutans are yummy! Send me some and then we can talk about growing old..but growing old is for the birds :-) not us..

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Can't keep me out of the woods! But eating for an hour... not sure!

wenn said...

wow, i love rambutans too!

George said...

I don't think you'll ever get old with all the beauty you find around you. It looks as if your sunbird had a real feast. Was it finally able to fly away?

Cate said...

A great Sunday morning!

Frieda said...

What a beautiful set of pictures.
Now I wonder about the taste of th fruit...unfortunately, I haven't had the possibility to taste it yet---
And rainfield: keep on finding beauty and sharing it with us...

Kilauea Poetry said...

Your friends (yes, its their day )up there in the tree are terrific! Really nice captures- they are beautiful!! I dug a tree out that had been doing poorly for years..I bought a Rambutan and planted that just shot up really fast, already taller than my Travelers tree! I heard they can bear fruit twice a year? I can't wait. Pretty to look at and delicious! Must be a treat and a feast to them. Yes, I couldn't agree more with your last statement! (btw) thanks for putting up with some of my long posts and often misunderstood- bizarre sense of humor! (grin)

betchai said...

oh wow, rambutan and bird! you got cool photos. i love rambutan, wish i can share those with the bird :)

eileeninmd said...

Wonderful post and photos. The bird sure does have a yellow belly. Very pretty. I would love to find anyway to prevent from growing old especially if it only takes finding beauty.

Ratty said...

Seeing beauty in the world around us is what makes us the happiest. Your Brown-throated Sunbird looks similar to our American Robin.

Ayie said...

The rambutan is delish and I miss it but that bird is stealing the spotlight too!

Life Ramblings said...

what a great encounter with the sunbird.

Bengbeng said...

i am also fasting today :) cos i was invited to buka puasa with frens n i wanted to see how it feels like berpuasa in the month of Ramadan :)

rainfield61 said...

Oh no, my garden is not big enough to load this rambutan tree.
We did plant a coconut tree before, but chopped it down later before it went out of control to enter my neighbour's house.

Kirigalpoththa/silent moments:
Rambutan season in Malaysia has almost come to its end by now too.
Durian always come together with rambutan in the same season, the later has thus become a favourite to many over here.

Malay-Kadazan girl:
You can buy rambutan in Australia, do you? Anyhow, the one we take fresh from the tree must be the best.
Welcom abroad.

I have send to you yesterday night. Check it out in your dream.

We miss certain thing in certain moment, but we get something back.


Icy BC:
I would like to sit down with you talking about everything, talking about growing old but we still go blogging, I still go hiking.

Me too. Wonder how the sunbird managed to do that, just like a camel.

You love rambutans as what the bird do. May I take your photo too?

I think it must have spent its day and night on this rambutan tree, and to start another feast the next day.


Really? Fly over to Malaysia, I will buy you rambutan, durian, mangosteen and other tropical fruits.

Kilauea Poetry:
You have planted a rambutan tree in you garden!?
BTW, misunderstood is not my hobby. Grin.

I love rambutan, but i love the bird more.

Tell me if you are more successful.

Sure, happiness makes us become younger.

The bird knows better than us, and is free to enjoy the fruits at any moment. It is then no harm but of course to steal the spotlight.

Life Ramblings:
We meet each other at an intersection point.

Happy fasting.

Autumn Belle said...

Rambutans are my fave fruits. But if I see a sunbird, I will willingly give them to the bird. A great capture!

Grass said...

Spend more time with the nature and we will grow younger...:-)

You didn't try out the rambutan?

Ann said...

I know bats eat fruits, but I don't know about birds.

I don't cook pork curries, in Sarawak, my mum didn't cook them. I supposed we copied from the Malays, so when my Fijian Indian fried cooks pork curry, I feel very funny.

Back to your wild boar curry, I don't know if I would cook wild boar curry for the above reasons.

Then I don't eat wild boar. Tell you in another comment, otherwise this will be too long.

Harumi said...

Wow.. rambutan's one of my favorites too. Great pics!